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Yesterday, I hosted an LOA Sales call with Good Vibe University’s resident Sales Pro. Many at GVU know Julie as a naturally upbeat and happy person, who has been successful in sales for many years. Privately, I’ve been asking Julie to do a call for GVU since 2010, knowing that many self-employed conscious creators could benefit from her suggestions and insights. You can imagine how delighted I was when we could finally schedule a call and open this conversation!

Being savvy with the principles of Law of Attraction, Julie often produces well above her peers, having learned to follow her own guidance versus traditional sales management techniques. Of course, because she’s such a top producer, management tends to let her do whatever she’s decided is best. After all, it’s working for her as well as for her employer!

In our conversation, Julie quickly pin-pointed some key requirements to tap into for anyone who is ready to build sales. Top on the list was strictly managing our own self-talk. One of Julie’s tips was to bring in a “Thought Bouncer”…to promptly bounce out the thoughts that aren’t serving us. She suggested we imagine our Thought Bouncer standing behind the red velvet rope, unwilling to let an undeserving (and under serving) thought pass through.

Her suggestion evoked the image of a humor-less being, unwilling to let anyone in that “wasn’t on the list”. I have to say, the idea just delights me!

You may recall that Abraham has said that managing our thoughts can be overwhelming and crazy-making, but when we focus on how we feel, then we can more quickly see that thoughts which do not serve us also do not feel good when we think them. That’s how we know the thought is not serving us, because if it doesn’t feel good, the outcome of that thought will also not feel good.

So, keep your Thought Bouncer on standby, ever ready for those negative feelings to trigger the thought-bouncing actions.

In this way, business owners can begin proactively taking responsibility for their thoughts and self-talk, so they can keep their focus zeroed in on the success and well-being of their business. Doing so inoculates business owners from the negative thought-forms of frustrated peers and the media.

Julie also talked about (and I second) the importance of having a positive tribe to connect with, surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people. She is (and I am, too) very thankful to find and join Good Vibe University in 2010. As we surround ourselves with positive people who can see and support the many possibilities for success, it is not only more enjoyable, but we’ll experience the benefits of that tribe.

If you are surrounded by people complaining about the economy, how hard it is to market and sell to clients, how impossible it is to make money, not to mention the general state of the world, for the sake of your well-being and your business it’s time for your Thought Bouncer to close down that club and find a new tribe!

What do you think…are you ready to activate your Thought Bouncer? Share your thoughts below…

P.S. For those who are interested in listening to the recording of the LOA Sales call with Julie, it is available for free to Good Vibe University members. If you are not yet a member of this upbeat and positive-focused community, you can enjoy a 21 day trial for just $1. When you join, be sure to say hello!

image credits: Bouncer: Andrey Popov; Red Velvet Curtain: Deyan Georgiev

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7 thoughts on “Activate Your Thought Bouncer!

  1. I had the pleasure of hearing your call with Julie, and what a delight it was! So many great questions answered, priceless tips, and fantastic inspiration!!! It was one of my most favourite calls, and I’ll be revisiting the GVU recording for some time to come.

    And the idea to enlist the help of one’s ‘Thought Bouncer’ is genius! That one lit me up as well. I’m re-conjuring its image as I type – a no-nonsense, low-tolerance kind of dude. 🙂

    This post is a perfect recap, Nancy! Thank you for this, for being such an amazing host, and for getting everyone’s questions answered with such rich content. It was a super-fun call and I look forward to another one when you’re ready. 😉

  2. Thank you Nancy and I agree with Brenda – you recapped perfectly – thank you! So glad to be able to share what I have found works w/ me in my LOA world.

    All the best!

    • Julie, you Master Manifester, do you recognize in Brenda’s words what we ‘pre-scripted via email’ before the call?

      So many great questions answered, priceless tips, and fantastic inspiration!!! It was one of my most favourite calls, and I’ll be revisiting the GVU recording for some time to come.


  3. Nancy,

    Great post, thanks for sharing =) I LOVE the idea of creating a Thought Bouncer. Little tricks like that put context to things and work wonders. Just what I was looking for, thanks!

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