Spring Clearing for an Energetic Boost


For many of us in the U.S., the signs of Spring are joyfully in the air. So much of what I write about on this blog is about shifting energy through our body and thoughts, but there is a lot to be said for the things we can do to clear the physical space where we spend our time. The change of seasons is a perfect time to clear your space…your office, your home, your car, your garden!

LCMoTU_KonMariDecluttering and Organizing
Several of my Law of Attraction savvy friends are loving Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. What sets KonMari’s Method apart is her combination of quick clearing suggestions (how to let go with ease by focusing on what sparks joy) and her discussion of the energetics that ties beautifully with Law of Attraction teachings: Keep around you only items you truly love which spark true joy, and let everything else go for others to enjoy.

Shift Your Food
The change of seasons is a perfect time to start incorporating in-season local organic produce in your meals. It’s also a perfect time to consider how you’d rather be eating for your long-term health and well-being.

Three years ago, when I decided to begin eating Paleo there were a lot of people who thought I’d gone crazy. Now, after the effortless weight loss of myself and countless others, guess who are now announcing that they, too, have gone Paleo?!? (And yes, they are just as shocked as I was about how easy it is to eat this way and how great the food tastes, on top of the extra energy and effortless weight loss. Go figure!)

Exercise in the Sun
During the winter and rainy months, I tend to exercise indoors, but with the coming of Spring I am more motivated to take walks outdoor in the sunshine. Ten minutes a day of sunshine encourages the body to create Vitamin D, an essential element for mood stabilization and easing depression. You’ll breathe more deeply, release stress, and feel better just from exercising outdoors.

Whether it’s a walk in the ‘hood or a hike amid nature, our spirit is lifted out of the doldrums by just being around flowering bushes and trees, greenery, birds and squirrels. Bring your camera with you to record the feast for the eyes and turn it into a creative outing!

This is a great (easy and fun!) suggestion for energy clearing your home:

Posted by Danielle MacKinnon on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So easy and fun…many of us probably do this instinctively. I know I tend to do this at least once every Spring, Summer, and Fall. (Nothing gets me dancing like MoTown!) Funny enough, with enough fresh air, sunshine and music flowing, the desire to clean and clear naturally comes with it.

Remember Your Car!
When was the last time you gave some TLC to your car: clean the windows inside and out, vacuum the

How Does Your Garden Grow?
With love and intention, sweep out the dead leaves from your garden hardspace and place the leaves on your dirt for a natural and efficient mulch/fertilizer. When it rains, the nutrients from the leaves will trickle down into the soil and make it healthier.

Lovingly attend to the plants, trimming them where necessary, letting them know you love them and enjoy seeing them thrive. All matter, because we are all energetically connected  because we all come from the same Source Energy, responds to our energy toward it.

It’s amazing how taking simple actions like the ones mentioned above can give us an energetic boost, lighten our mood, and open us up to new possibilities. Your turn: What are you inspired to clear energetically?


Top Image Credit: Gunnar Pippel

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