Manifest Better Mental Health in 30 Days

We can intend and get into the feeling all we want, but we really want to start all our Deliberate Focusing from a platform of mental health and well-being.

At the beginning of January 2014, SF-based psychologist, author of 40 books, and creativity coach, Eric Maisel started a blog series on Psychology Today entitled, “30 Days to Better Mental Health“. This is a great time to jump into the series, begin reading and practicing his daily suggestions.

I’m quite a fan of Dr. Maisel’s work and I’ve shared some of his ideas before on this blog. I was introduced to him when he came to speak about creativity to our Silicon Valley-based watercolor society. In addition to being a gifted and humorous speaker, he had an ease about which he approaches and demystifies creativity from which everyone can benefit.

Dr. Maisel knows about sensitive people and empaths, and he knows how to help them feel better and find meaning in what they do. As a creative, I find his writing incredibly soothing, and gently uplifting, even if it isn’t always 100% LOA friendly. (Despite that, you will notice that virtually all that he shares dovetails beautifully with Abraham’s teachings.)

Here are the links for the first 14 days of this web series on Psychology Today:

Day One: Flipping the Calmness Switch

Day Two: Giving Life a Thumb’s Up

Day Three: Tolerating a Difficult Thought for 10 Seconds

Day Four: Becoming a Past Whisperer

Day Five: Changing Your Mood with One Simple Sentence

Day Six: Not Tripping Repeatedly in the Very Same Spot

Day Seven: Having Hope When Hope Makes Little Sense

Day Eight: Offering One Small Gift with Love

Day Nine: Reducing Your Anxiety Using One Simple Visualization

Day Ten: Tracking Boredom Behind Our Frantic Busyness

Day Eleven: Turning Your Meaning Needs Into Actions

Day Twelve: Reducing Meaninglessness with One Single Question

Day Thirteen: Feeling Better Sooner Rather Than Later

Day Fourteen: Reducing Meaninglessness with One Single Question

Look here for future installments

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