Voted Top 5 Best LOA Coach 2012

LOA Leaders Coach medToday, I was notified that AffirmingSpirit was nominated and voted Top 5 Best LOA Coach for 2012 by sponsored by Good Vibe Coach Academy.

While I am honored to be included with the amazing list of Law of Attraction (LOA) teachers, coaches, and speakers, there really is only one person who is worthy of this award: Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach.

If you are a serious student of LOA, you’ve likely come across Jeannette’s powerhouse blog, or had the pleasure of connecting with amazingly supportive and like-minded Deliberate Creators at Jeannette has gathered an amazing global tribe that surpasses any I have experienced before. It’s clear that Jeannette’s energy has drawn all of us together.

It is the honest truth that I could not even have been nominated for this award, let alone made the top 5, if it hadn’t been for the incredible platform that Jeannette Maw created and nurtures!!!

If you have been wanting to learn more about Law of Attraction from people who know what they are talking about and share openly, go sign up for Good Vibe University. You’ll get more real-world ideas and learn more in a few months at GVU than you ever will from just reading books on the subject. So many of the existing members came to “check out” GVU and found it so refreshingly supportive and positive that they are still raving fans years later!

This is almost unheard of in the LOA world, let alone in membership sites where egos usually rule. When folks have been away from GVU for a little while, they inevitably return to say, “Wow, I missed this place and am so glad to be back!” 

In the spirit of full disclosure: yes, I was invited to become a faculty member at GoodVibeUniversity in January 2010, and have been active ever since. While I am faculty, I am ALSO a participant who benefits from the positive energy and uplifting sharing, too. I know from both sides (faculty and participant), and having been part of other LOA communities, I know this one is a true gem that far exceeds expectations!

So, Thank You Good Vibe Coach Academy and for this award. I humbly accept this award on behalf of Jeannette Maw who is the one who TRULY deserves it!

Many blessings,



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2 thoughts on “Voted Top 5 Best LOA Coach 2012

  1. Nancy, I couldn’t disagree more. lol

    (I’m laughing at the rarity of that statement.)

    Everyone at GVU knows you could coach circles around me – which is one of many reasons we’re so glad every time you show up on a call!

    You deserved this award long before it even existed, and I suspect we’ll see you on many top 5 lists to come.

    I SO appreciate the contribution you make to all of us fellow creators. You really do bring an invaluable element to our process. BIG love, my friend!! 🙂
    Jeannette recently posted…A Guaranteed Good Day

    • Nancy, I couldn’t disagree more. lol

      LOL, Jeannette! We are just going to have to agree to disagree. Both of us know that excellent coaching is dependent on the client being able to receive. We can guide them, but the benefit happens when the client is ready to do their work.

      You deserved the award before I did! So there!!


      Many blessings,

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