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View - "The Twa Corbies" (The Two Crows) by Arthur Rackham

“The Twa Corbies” (The Two Crows) by Arthur Rackham

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, the old adage goes. I would dare say, that it isn’t just beauty, but everything that is in the eye of the beholder. As the beholder of your own life, how are you viewing it?

Last night I had an experience that brilliantly illustrates how one situation can be viewed differently depending on the attitude of the ‘beholder’.

I was enjoying a lovely walk at dusk, enjoying the fresh air, marveling at the gorgeous moon and clear skies. Suddenly, I heard a sound that crows make: rattle or comb call.

Since I live in an area with abundant tall trees, we have a huge assortment of birds and the crows often live at the tops of the tallest trees. I recognized the rattling call, looked around to see where the crows might be, and saw a single crow flying toward me about 20 feet in the air while cawing.

Knowing that everything has consciousness, I smiled at the crow and said hello. I let the crow know I was happy to see it. The crow circled over me cawing to his friends, who quickly joined him. Stopping on the sidewalk, I greeted them all and expressed my appreciation for the visit. You might think this was crazy, unless you had experienced it yourself, but the birds seemed very happy that I was acknowledging them.

I’m guessing they have enough people ignoring them throughout the day, so it probably was very fun to have a non-threatening human actually *see* them.

As I started walking again, the three birds flew with me—above, to the right and left—flying from tree to street lamp to tree ahead of me. As I caught up, they flew to the next one. I smiled at the way they were clearly “playing” with me and enjoying it as much!

So, this is how I went down this residential street, and toward the end I saw a little girl with her father. The girl seemed scared when she saw the birds, and ran to her father’s side. The father saw me with the crows flying about and said, “Oh, I hate these birds! They are so aggressive…” He may have said more, but I was still walking.

I smiled at the father and said, “Oh…I  think they are just having fun and want to play!”

To which he replied, “Yeah, well they play all over my car every night and leave it a mess!”

Just then, I noticed that the birds had stopped playing with me as I passed this man’s house. I know that my pets are sensitive to the energy of humans, so it’s not hard to believe that the birds knew the man did not appreciate them or delight in their games of flight.

This man was so convinced of his story that the birds were a menace. Yet, living in the same neighborhood, I view them as joyful wild playmates. Same experience, yet one saw a reason to be angry, the other saw a reason to be joyful. Which one of us is right?

Both of us are. From our respective and unique vantage points, we each see what we see…driven by the story we are telling ourselves (this is good or bad, right or wrong, etc.). Through the universal Law of Attraction, we are always drawing to us more and more examples that we are right about the stories we’ve been carrying.

The good news is that we can change our story at any time and start experiencing something new.

Right now, I don’t know anyone who isn’t dealing with some hardship or difficulty in their life. Whether it’s health, relationships or prosperity, we are all working on improving some aspect of our lives. How we see our life and how we handle our hardships is directly affected by the stories we are telling about those experiences.

So that leads to an important question: Are you finding a reason to be angry or joyful about your life? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

P. S. After passing that man’s house, I kept walking and the crows caught up with me to resume the game a few houses down the road.  🙂


Image credit: “The Twa Corbies” (The Two Crows),
by English illustrator,  Arthur Rackham

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6 thoughts on “How You View It

  1. Love this post Nancy, especially since I’ve been a huge fan of crows for most of my life–I even love the sound of their voice! They are very intelligent birds, and while they have a lot of “negativity” associated with them, I appreciate their trickster nature! Maybe it’s the fact that they’re just having so much fun!!

    They often keep me company, in yards, while I’m hiking, or running. Even driving, especially on road trips, they’ll fly near me–and they’re all over the yards and parks in Tokyo when I travel there! Because of my positive associations, they definitely remind me to focus on the magical, surprising, and positive things in my life!

    Ease and flow,

    Julie Masters

    • In that case, Julie, you would have been laughing and smiling to watch this little escapade! Very fun to experience and something I hope will happen again.

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

      Many blessings,

  2. I would have LOVED to watch your escapade with the crows, Nancy – what fun! I always feel like I’m being blessed when nature reciprocates as I acknowledge it, and crows would be no exception. I would be as honoured to have to attention of a crow as I would a hawk or an owl.

    As for the man you met on your walk, it brought to mind times in my past in which I’d been so resolute in some opinion or another. This opinion didn’t necessarily make me feel good, but I never questioned it because…I don’t think I knew I could – back then! I remember having had encounters with people like you – people who weren’t afraid to express a different or maybe even unpopular perspective. In almost all those instances, these people crossed my path oh so briefly like a summer breeze and set free a tiny portion of my mind. We probably will never know, but it delights me to entertain that you may be one of these people for that man…just maybe. 🙂

    It’s fabulous to clearly see a reason to feel joyful, and, for me, often that clarity is inspired by someone else. And sometimes, like today, it’s whispered to me from some place deep inside. I especially like days like this.

    • Yes, Brenda, I also feel so blessed when nature reciprocates (flora, fauna, clouds)!

      I didn’t stop to see how the man was taking my words, but perhaps you are right. Wouldn’t that be nice? 😉

      Thank you for your inspiring comment, Brenda, and here’s to more special days *like this*!

      Many blessings,

  3. I love this story! I recently read someone saying that when we are in our “reptile” brain we don’t express emotions and caring. They added “Have you ever seen a snake smile?” Well, my answer is yes.

    I’ve seen all kinds of animals respond to positive energy. I used to get sad when I walked thru zoos thinking about the animals penned up for our pleasure, but I started sending them healing energy while I walk through the zoo. My kids always get to see all the animals because they come as close as they can get to that loving energy. I think everything in our universe responds to positive thought on our part. 🙂

    • Glad that you enjoyed the story, Michelle, and I totally agree that animals can feel the energy. It’s actually pretty *obvious*, when you start paying attention. Good for you for sending loving healing energy where you saw it lacking (in the Zoo)!

      I can think of lots of non-Zoo places that would benefit from loving healing energy, too… 😉

      Many blessings,

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