No Mistakes…Only Opportunities

Earlier today, I was reminded about the connection between artistic creativity, entrepreneurship, and manifesting.

If you are an artist, then I don’t need to tell you how much that type of creativity requires openness and willingness to let go…of thoughts,  preconceptions, and expectations. Successful entrepreneurs and manifestors benefit from letting go, too.

How, you might ask, does one actually do that when you’re stressed?

ZenTangling is a form of doodling that lets you have fun while training yourself to open up your mind and let go. While there are some established ‘patterns’ you can follow, you can also just wing it and see what happens, often with unexpected and stunningly beautiful results!

Spirit WomanBack in the late 1970s, before I had ever heard of this term, or the name had been trademarked, I was inspired by an unknown european folk artist who drew in a black and white style reminiscent of the Art Nouveau.

I put that inspiration to good use one “snow day” (no school due to a blizzard), and I had the equipment: 18″ x 24″ bristol board, crow quill pens, watercolor brush, and black india ink! I lost myself for hours while listening to music, crafting making tiny circles, curves, and lines in ink with the crow quill pen.

The drawing above is what I created from letting my mind go. Nothing was pre-planned. I remember how focused I was, and yet how free my mind felt while I was working on this. Even looking at this now reminds me of that relaxed-yet-focused state of being.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be in that state?

As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem with the same energy that created the problem. To find the solution, we must first find a way to relax the mind so we can think clearly and see other possibilities. Meditation can be a tremendous help, but for those who struggle to relax into meditation, a little doodling can help!

Searching YouTube, I found this video demonstrating ZenTangling – entitled, No Mistakes —Only Opportunities. I was immediately struck by how true that is of life, creativity, entrepreneurship, and manifesting! As the demonstrator spoke, I wrote down the comments she made that could easily be affirmations for life and manifesting…

• No mistakes…only opportunities

• I let my mind go and don’t worry about the outcome

• If I come up against a brick wall…I ZenTangle®, and my mind opens up to the possibilities

• …let (your) mind roll and do as (it) pleases

• Don’t worry about it…let your mind do what it does

• Relaxing and letting go

• Let your inner artist do whatever it pleases

The next time you have a thorny issue to resolve, take some time to relax your mind, meditate, or doodle. Allow the solution to catch up with you!

Now it’s your turn to share: What do you do to relax your mind?

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7 thoughts on “No Mistakes…Only Opportunities

  1. I’m neither an artist nor a doodler so I found this fascinating.

    And I can definitely see the value of ‘allowing the solution to catch up with you” because waaaay to often I pick at the problem until I can’t see anything else.

    This is such a beautifully creative way to disconnect from over-thinking … and a perfect metaphor for manifestors.
    the goddess Jacqui recently posted…How To Stop Resisting the Change That Will Change Your Life

    • Great to see you here, Jacqueline!

      ZenTangling, in particular, is fantastic for disconnecting from overthinking…you can only do what’s right in the moment, and that varies. Definitely give it a try and let us know!

      Many blessings,

    • Hey, Jeannette ~ I am realizing that all the Arts (visual, musical, movement) have the ability to help us Zone when we submit to the creative process. There’s a lesson in there for us!

      Thanks, too, for the kind words about my pen & ink drawing. 😉

      Many blessings,

  2. I love this. I used to draw, but its been so long. My daughter is pushing me to start again, so this will be perfect. I can start knowing there are no mistakes, only opportunites. Yeah, and it applies to everything else in life too!

    • Michelle, thanks for stopping by!

      If you used to draw, you will LOVE ZenTangling! The object is to *fill the space*, and you can do it any way that feels good to you. You can be as formal or informal as you want, so it’s very freeing.

      Check out and for ideas, or Google for videos. There are lots of great examples of patterns, so you can start by seeing which patterns you enjoy the most.

      Many blessings,

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