Lizzie Velasquez Will Inspire You!


Lizzie Velasquez is here to show us all that what the doctors and bullies or anyone else says or does will only affect you if you let it. To me, I can see the Law of Attraction all over Lizzie’s life story!

Born with a rare disease that only 2 other people on the planet are known to have, her body is unable to create fat. Before you get jealous, realize that Lizzie’s parents were told she’d never walk, feed herself, or live a normal life. Doctor’s told her parents, “don’t expect much”.

Lizzie’s parents treated her like a normal child, so that is how she saw herself. It was easy for her to prove the doctors wrong. Her internal dialog was that of kindness and self-love, and since our cells are ALWAYS LISTENING to our thoughts and feelings, it’s not surprising that she thrived.

When she was a teenager, Lizzie was bullied for her looks. Teens made a YouTube video calling her the “world’s ugliest woman” and suggesting she commit suicide. She could have gotten really angry and sunk into depression. Most people would have.

Instead, Lizzie set 4 audacious goals…and she’s meeting them! Watch this video and hear Lizzie and her family share her remarkable story…

The lessons I see in this story are…

1. Love yourself unconditionally for the unique being you are. Your body and mind hear and feel every thought and feeling. Be conscious about thinking and feeling lovingly toward yourself.

2. Where you are today isn’t the end of the story. Your body and mind changes when you decide to think and feel better. Every morning is the start of a new day, a new opportunity. If you didn’t think well of yourself or feel good yesterday, let it go. Start anew today…it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

3. Bless that fat on  your body! Admit it: Prior to reading this, you had thought of the fat on your body as an enemy. No matter how much you have, bless and appreciate your good health.

4. Let the haters talk amongst themselves. You’ve got better things to do with your life! Decide what really matters and go for it.

5. NO ONE has the power to decide how your life will be, except you. If Lizzie’s parents had listened to doctors, they would have planned for her early death. If Lizzie had listened to school mates, she might not be here. Lizzie is now a thriving college student, published author, and motivational speaker because she decided how she was going to live her life.

What conclusions have you drawn from this inspiring story?

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