What does trust mean to you and how are you currently experiencing trust in your life?

Where I am in complete trust, those areas of my life flow so easily. Where I do not trust, havoc seems to reign. This is not a coincidence, it is the law of attraction in action!

Like a Trusttuning fork resonating with the strings of the universe, our state of being is always being broadcast (through the body’s electro-magnetic field generated by the heart). With each heartbeat, your state of trust (or lack thereof) is telling the Universe how to mirror reality back to you.

Trusting is knowing…deep inside your heart…that ALL IS WELL. You may not know *how* situations will turn out, but you know they will. As a matter of course, they always do work out well, even if they work out in ways you may not have predicted or requested.

Allowing Trust

How do you cultivate trust when it isn’t automatically present? So many of us have been raised to believe we can only trust if what we are experiencing proves the situation is worth trusting. However, through my personal growth I began experiencing something different. In many cases, trust is something that bubbles up when we simply allow the possibility.

When we open to the possibility in our hearts and minds that we can begin trusting (whatever it is we want to experience), it’s amazing how the trust seems to bubble up from inside of us. Once we feel it, we know trust is possible. Christian Mystics call this the Christ Consciousness within, the divine energy force that flows through us, shifting based on how we are choosing to experience life. Whatever you call it, most of us have experienced this and it’s affect is undeniable!

If we are closed to trusting (someone or something), then our experience reflects that. The situation reverses when we open ourselves to trusting.

For instance, take something in your life you’ve been stressing about. Recognize the feeling you have in your body when you are stressing, and ask yourself:

What would I be feeling now if I knew this was all going to work out wonderfully? As that question hovers in your awareness, sit with it and feel the shift in your body’s energy. Notice how your body relaxes, and how trusting now feels more possible.

Soon, you will be finding yourself able to relax and trust in ways you didn’t even know were possible before! If you are familiar with Quantum Entrainment / Pure Awareness, try it on opening yourself to the possibility that all is working out beautifully for you.

Choosing Trust

You can live your life choosing to trust or not to trust. It’s always your choice to experience trust or the lack of it, and you are always free to make a new choice. You can live in doubt and worry, or you can live in trust. You can live in frustration and fear or you can trust.

For instance, I trust that I am always safe. Feeling safe and being safe are now a given. I have decided I am safe, and once I made that choice I began experiencing feeling safe more often. Even in circumstances that others would find harrowing, my inner compass trusts that “I am safe” and reminds me often. At one time in my life, this was not true. That’s how I know that we can choose something different and experience the result. I decided to choose trust. You can choose trust.

What are you choosing to trust?

Trusting Versus Taking For Granted

Know that trusting is not the same as taking something for granted. It’s a subtle vibrational difference, but it’s there: Trusting is a confident knowing inside and feels affirmative. Like you are saying “YES, that’s right!”

Taking something for granted, for me, feels ambivalent—like not caring. It’s not even important enough to choose or make a decision about. Many of us would admit that we take our government for granted. We expect it to run and focus on the things that matter to us, but we put virtually no effort toward seeing or experiencing our government improving. Then, we get mad when actions are taken that we don’t agree with.

What areas of your life do you take for granted?

Where could you begin trusting more, and taking less for granted?

As you contemplate the week ahead, I’d like to leave you with one other thought about trust. When you think of trust, think of this acronym…

T R U S T = Totally Relying Upon Superior Thoughts

Superior thoughts are those thoughts that feel good to contemplate. They raise your vibe and make you smile. They fill your heart with hope and possibility.

Now it’s your turn! What do you find easy to trust, and what helps you develop trust? Share your comments and suggestions below.

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8 thoughts on “TRUST

    • Sheila, when there is conflict between intuition and trust, there is usually a thought (or thoughts) in the way that is not supporting our well-being. Trouble is, the thought(s) might be unconscious or so deeply embedded we don’t *see* them. They are in an emotional blind spot. This is why having a mentor or coach, who can see those for us and help us release them, is so important.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila!

      Many blessings,

  1. thanks Nancy for your reminders…

    I trust my instincts… they are never wrong… when I am wrong it is because I didn’t listen closely enough.
    Working with the animals because they don’t use words I judge their body language and energy…. I use it on people but I think sometimes I don’t use it enough on myself… to impatient sometimes with myself…
    trying to remember this week.. to be still….and listen to the breeze from within … so perfect to find you talking about trust

    I am safe
    I am loved
    I am vibrating this all the time
    and i am grateful for the energy the world shines at me
    LunaJune recently posted…I Have The Best Clients Ever

    • Great to see you here, June, and wonderful to hear that you trust your instincts. Listening to the body is a powerful way to get information and connect to the energy of Source!

      You are also a powerful reflector for the light energy of the universe!

      Many blessings,

  2. Nancy,

    Beautiful post! I like how you link “trust” with the law of attraction. Many other websites explain it in different ways, but this article broke it down very simply. And you are right. When we simply just trust the situation, we are allowing ourselves to shift into right frequency so that things just sort of work out for our good. Thanks for the reminder this morning!
    Joshua Tilghman recently posted…The Pyramid of Giza, the Christ Within, and You!

    • Welcome to the AffirmingSpirit blog, Joshua! I am so glad you found your way to this article, and for taking the time to comment.

      This post, like most of what is on this site, “came” to me and felt important to share. When we begin to understand our vibrational connection to All-That-Is, it’s amazing how it deepens our spirituality and our appreciation for how everything is responding and co-creating with us.

      I am heading over to check out your blog!

      Many blessings,

  3. Nancy,

    As the question of trusting has arisen in conversations lately, I have come back to grab this link to share it! This still resonates with me. You speak my heart so well. Thank you!

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