Relaxing Into Summer

Relaxing view on a hikeThis is my first post in 2 months. Not because I don’t like to post, but because I decided to wait for inspiration and ended up relaxing into summer.

How often do you let yourself reeeaaally relax?

Even though I was relaxing, I was also actively doing what inspired me. I practiced deep breathing and Quantum Entrainment several times a day, whenever inspired. I got out in nature. I took walks and said my favorite affirmations. I read books that uplifted and inspired me. I visualized and got into the feeling place of feeling great. I was listening to great recordings and watching interesting videos. I hung out at Good Vibe University and did some calls for them. It was fun and wonder-filled!

How often do you look for inspiration around you?

Here is some inspiration: I put my favorite vibelifters together for you on this page. VibeLifters are resources you can easily turn to when you could use a vibrational lift. Anytime you feel bored or vulnerable to a downward spiral, click over here and check out the resources. Feel free to listen, download, and enjoy!

When I write blog posts, I like to follow an inspiration and see where it takes me.

Relaxing and finding inspiration are two powerful ways to increase your vibration which then attracts more higher vibration experiences into your life. In fact, when you combine the two (relaxing and inspiration), you open the door to some serious magic!

When I wrote about creative cycles, I mentioned the importance of rest/renewal gestation periods. If you are always expecting yourself to be ON, then chances are…you are burning yourself out. Give yourself regular rest, and fill your world with inspiration. You’ll actually be much more effective when you do work after resting.

So, come on…take a break and let me know how it worked for you!

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