Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations

Personally, I’ve had such GREAT experiences with affirmations that it always SHOCKS me when I hear people saying things like…

Affirmations never work

I hate affirmations

Affirmations are pointless

and the most unbelievable one:
Take a pile of crap, put frosting on top of it…that’s what affirmations are

Yes, I’ve heard every one of those at some point and it always makes me think ….?!? WHAT ?!?

affirmationsHow is it possible that I have such great experiences with affirmations and so many others struggle with it? First, when people affirm regularly that something WON’T WORK for THEM ~ by the Law of Attraction it will never work FOR THEM! Second, I know HOW to create powerful customized affirmations so I do not struggle with affirmations ~ I know they work and I know they are very much worth the effort!

I realized it was time to work with some folks who didn’t believe in the power of affirmations, coach them, show them how to let go of the struggle, and have them talk about their experience.

So, I turned to the great community at Good Vibe University ~ asking who was ready to let go of their struggle with affirmations. Knowing that coaching is helpful for folks who are really struggling, and knowing that the ones who NEED the coaching the most are often the ones affirming that they cannot afford coaching, I decided to donate the coaching for up to five volunteers. Once five volunteers (Sophie, Mitch, Cheryl, Julie and Melissa) had come forward, I sent them to my site to do the free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse. From there, I scheduled coaching sessions, and scheduled the call for GVU.

Now, you get to listen in on the conversation where the five volunteers share their answers to these questions:

• What what was your experience with affirmations before?

• What was affirmation coaching like for you? Was it helpful?

• How have the last several weeks been since the affirmation coaching?
• What has changed?

• What advice would do you have now to folks who struggle with affirmations?

Listen to the “Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations” call now:


OR   Click here to download the MP3
After listening to the call, share it with a few friends and…share your comments and thoughts below!

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9 thoughts on “Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations

    • Hi, Sheila,

      Yes, repetition is one of the major keys to the power of affirmations. Say, think, and/or write them regularly~you will soon notice things have happened that you become aware of the next time you say your affirmations.

      The success stories (from folks who used them repetitively) in this call are exciting, too!

      Many blessings,

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I totally get the whole not believing affirmations work as I too was struggling, but once I got the hang of it being about me and what I wanted not what my family or friends wanted I started to see a difference. I am now such a huge believer in them and say mine daily.

    It was great listening to the call as you realize that you are not alone in having difficulties with writing your own affirmations, but once you can get your head around it and start doing it for yourself then your whole life can change.

    I have a life coach and since having her I have gone forward in leaps and bounds in all areas of my life.

    Venecia recently posted…How U Can take Control of the Your Vision

    • Hi, Venecia,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! It’s lovely to hear that you no longer struggle with affirmations and have enjoyed your experience working with a coach.

      Not only are creating personally powerful affirmations about connecting with what you really desire, it’s also having the words that connect you emotionally to that desire. Since we radiate our energy out through the electro-magnetic field created by our hearts, our emotions are the driving force behind powerful affirmations and what we create in our day-to-day lives.

      Many blessings,

  2. I’m so glad I found your site! I was just thinking about this very topic this morning, as I was driving, and noticed my own practice of “in the moment” affirmations of what I want to be experiencing in that minute.

    For example: “I am alert, driving easily, gracefully, and feeling good. I am arriving safely, feeling relaxed, and and in pristine condition in every way” is one I say to myself all the time. Abraham Hicks calls this mini-affirmation practice ‘segment intending’.

    I also wanted to acknowledge you for the service that your call, and instruction are offering on this topic. I so, so, so related to Mitch’s comment on the call of having that “yeah, right?!” feeling in the past while doing affirmations – and I LOVE that you made the point that it is really about the emotions that the words trigger.

    I think it was Julie (?) that mentioned that she was having great success with making a list of what she is grateful for prior to doing her affirmations – wonderful! …That is right in line with my own experience of affirmations – when I am feeling happy, good, peaceful, or content prior to doing my affirmations, I find they are MUCH more powerful than if I am trying to use them to “fix” a frustrating situation.

    Thank you so much!
    Andrea Sholer recently posted…Is positive thinking enough for LoA manifestation?

    • Hi, Andrea,

      Welcome to AffirmingSpirit.com – Happy to hear you enjoyed the call and listening to the caller’s suggestions. I’m big into Segment Intending, although I’ve been working with affirmations and sharing them with others for more than 25 years…and only started with A-H in 2006 when the first version of The Secret came out online.

      Try some of the suggestions and share what your experiences are!

      Many blessings,

  3. Wow I just discovered what it feels like to enjoy what I received from my affirmations. Part of it was just letting go and embracing the feeling of receiving. Thank you and I am looking forward to reading the 6part e-book. Your a great inspiration, I guess I was afraid to let go because of the fear of success and having to leave behind the part of me that was holding me back if that makes any sense. I am ready to leave this pain behind and embrace joy.

  4. You’ve created a very important message about the proper use of affirmations. You’re right in making the very important point about many internet type ‘gurus’ who tell you to use affirmations to turn your life around and then basically leave you helpless.

    I can only suppose they are not ready to be there as a support (much less a mentor) like you have done here. I enjoyed your recording. I’ve also put this article on my Facebook Wall and Networked Blogs. Thanks again.
    Rebecca Cheng recently posted…Self Affirmation Battles

    • Rebecca,

      I think most self-help gurus think that affirmations are *obvious*, but there are many details to creating personalized affirmations that work – which is why I created the free eCourse and sell the blank affirmation cards.

      Thanks for sharing the love, Rebecca!

      Many blessings,

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