Connecting with Who You Really Are: The Power of Quantum Entrainment

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UPDATE: Dr. Frank Kinslow’s Quantum Entrainment site (shown below) has been rebranded “The Kinslow System”  –
It’s the same process with a different name and updated/branded site.
The links below will take you to either the newly branded site or the archived older-style page on the new site. You can also find them here. I still highly recommend this process. It’s easy to learn, can be done alone or in a crowd, with your eyes closed or open, and it is effective on healing everything ~ because it’s all energy! Enjoy!!

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By now, I hope you have noticed that anything I recommend to you I have first tried and experimented with myself. In this blog, I share not only what I have learned, but what has worked for me, with the intention that you will also try what resonates for you and experience positive outcomes.

This past February, Trish Spadt told me about a process she was enjoying called Quantum Quantum Entrainment - AwarenessEntrainment. With excitement, she talked about how it has changed how she perceives the world and positively shifted many things in her life. I had met Trish virtually last Fall when she had inquired about selling my meditation program on her website. One day, I called Trish (it turned out it was also her birthday)  and we had a joyful conversation about metaphysics, her journey understanding how we heal ourselves, and about Quantum Physics. So, when she brought up Quantum Entrainment in our next conversation in February, I decided to check it out!

Many of you already know I have been on a metaphysical and spiritual journey since my late teens, so I have probably abandoned more processes and modalities than most people have even tried. When someone tells me about something new, I am usually a little skeptical, but I at least check it out. If it resonates, I keep going. If it fizzles or feels off to me, I let it go. If I am meant to learn it, it will resonate me at a future time.

I invite you to check out Quantum Entrainment and see if it resonates for you.

Following along with the free videos on the Quantum Entrainment website , I found the process easy to learn and intriguing. (BTW, ‘Stop Your Thoughts’ and ‘Science Behind QE’ videos are my favorites!) I also listened to the interview of Frank Kinslow (now on the home page), and listened to the free audio meditations. The process is simple yet very profound: By engaging in a deep form of rest, we are engaging powerful healing energy. When we get into a relaxed state of Pure Awareness, experiences we would normally consider miracles begin happening. Healings on many levels (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.) begin to take place and seem to happen without any effort.

Right now, you are probably rolling your eyes. I know it seems crazy to get amazing results by essentially doing NOTHING. Stay with me, you’ll be glad you did!

After listening and following along, I found I could get into the state of Pure Awareness (you have to feel this because words really do fall short) relatively easily. QE/PA felt WONDERFUL, and after only a few minutes in this state I felt deeply rested ~ as if I had awoken from a restful night’s sleep! While I cannot point to any profound physical shifts, I could FEEL in that first 24 hours that something profound was shifting internally for me.

If you are scratching your head wondering what I am talking about, keep reading. Quantum Entrainment escapes explanation. As Frank Kinslow says, “It goes beyond words, it goes beyond the mind.” I can confirm that you really have to experience Quantum Entrainment/Pure Awareness for yourself.

I asked around at Good Vibe University [GVU] if they had heard about or tried Quantum Entrainment. Marielle Duijndam, in the Netherlands, had attended a workshop there called Rapid Healing which is essentially the same process and also mentioned that The Living Matrix is essentially the same. (Since then, I’ve heard that Tom Stone teaches Pure Awareness, which is the same process.) Before long, there was a lively conversation happening around this process, several people having some great breakthroughs, and we decided to host some calls combining the subjects of Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, Quantum Jumping, and Quantum Entrainment. You can listen or download the calls here.

Several folks from GVU have shared profound shifts they have experienced since incorporating this process into their life. One member, in Germany, was initially a naysayer but ended up getting a scholarship from GVU to attend the live workshop in his area. He enjoyed the course so much that this former-naysayer went on to take the Master Course with Frank Kinslow. Not only does he now employ QE/PA regularly, he’s experienced some financial and career breakthroughs as a result.

By the way, Frank mentioned in the Germany workshop that all the information about Quantum Entrainment is on the website. So, buy the books and register for a workshop if you feel drawn to do so, but everything you need to learn and do QE is right up there on the site, available 24/7. It costs you nothing to try and learn. That business model is intriguing to me as Frank easily makes a living selling books and offering workshops despite the fact that all the information is available for free on his website. To me, that points to a whole new way of doing business AND a perfect example of how it is easy to trust in abundance and well-being when we are in tune with Divine Source!

As a result of incorporating Quantum Entrainment, has my life shifted in a positive way? Absolutely! New opportunities showed up, abundance flowed in, and I gained a deeper appreciation for and interaction with Divine Source Energy. That energy is now palpably present in my  life, every where I go, every thing I do, and in every interaction. It’s easy to trust in Divine Source when you feel it palpably and know it is always working for your highest good. Quantum Entrainment feels wonderful to do and it has indeed improved my life. For me, it felt like the missing piece of the puzzle.

CAUTION: Quantum Entrainment/Pure Awareness is addictive! Once you become aware of this power in your life, and how wonderful it feels, you will no longer be interested in suffering. You simply won’t tolerate suffering and discomfort, especially when you can instantly find relief with QE/PA, so your life will shift for the better and you will find very little to complain about. Happiness is the by-product of shifting and healing how you show up in the world. You will see the direct result of making the effort to be in Pure Awareness, so you will never again question how you create your reality and you’ll refuse to stay stuck in misery. Consider yourself warned. 😉

Check out Quantum Entrainment for yourself and share your thoughts and experiences below!


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32 thoughts on “Connecting with Who You Really Are: The Power of Quantum Entrainment

    • Hi, Tia!

      In the beginning, I used the videos and audios to help me. Within a few days, I found I could do it on my own. Now I do it anytime I want to shift to a better feeling – no *reason* is needed! 😉

      Many blessings,

    • You are very welcome, Caz! There’s a second thread on GVU where lots of folks had shared their experiences, too. When I find the link, I’ll send it to you.

      Many blessings,

    • LOL, Jeannette! Actually, I always thought that video didn’t make sense being in the set, but more like a parlour trick. Every time I have watched that video, my finger has been a different length – either too long or too short or equal – and every time it ends up a different length! Go figure.

      I know you’ll enjoy video 4 (the reason vibration is so powerful) and 5 (experiential).

      Many blessings,

    • Hi, Sheila,

      I heard him say that, but I can’t say I have personally felt the ‘wobbling’. Everyone experiences pure awareness differently, so who’s to say?

      Anyway, the first few times, you might find that the 5th video or the Pure Awareness audio are helpful. After that, you’ll probably be able to do this on your own and notice how quickly it shuts down ego and stories, and brings you into a place of peace. It’s easy and you can do it with your eyes open – even while driving!

      Many blessings,

        • YES, Sheila, it’s so simple that I think I’ve been *accidentally* doing this over the years – especially when creating art or zoning out. There is a difference in doing it consciously, though, as if the resting is deeper.

          It has close ties with Intentional Resting.

          QE/PA gets easier the more you do it, too…I can get into it in 1 second and completely shift my energy in about 2 seconds. Which I *LOVE*!

          Keep us informed of your journey!

          Many blessings,

          • I think you are absolutely correct! (accidentally doing it over the years.) In fact, I know you are right, it’s just that we were not actually aware. How ironic is that????? lol. The family was sitting in the living room today and I made them all try the finger experiment. 2 out of 4 got it. I need to work on the other two, lol. Or actually, THEY need to work on themselves. :o)
            sheila recently posted…Milestones on the wings of a satin cap

  1. When he was asking the questions in video 5, I definitely was very relaxed and calm. I also would keep coming up with an answer to each of the questions of “I don’t know.” What will my next thought feel like? Response comes I don’t know. And for each one it automatically came. So there wasn’t totally a gap, though there was a space after the I don’t know part and the relaxation and peace stayed there.

    What do you think about that with the I don’t know response coming?

    • Hi, Mona,

      What if it’s OK to answer, “I don’t know?”

      What if the relaxation and peace AFTER that response was more important? More beneficial to your body, mind and spirit?

      How would you feel when that response came the next time? Smile? Appreciate it? Laugh at it? 😉

      What happens TO US is so much less important than the MEANING we give to the happening and the RESPONSE we offer, as a result of applying meaning. When you make the meaning OK, no matter what, you’ll start to notice all the blessings!

      Try that, and let me know what you experience.

      Many blessings,

  2. Hi Nancy….
    I learned the finger growing years ago… and can’t remember where, why or from whom? There is also a technique – Stand up with your dominant arm stretched out in front of you, pointer finger pointed out …. Now swiftly turn as far as you can go … and note where you stopped (look at something on the wall, object) Stand forward again with arm and finger pointing forward … close your eyes and see yourself going beyond that point you originally stopped at… and now turn as far as you can. You will have exceeded your original stop point! Both of these exercises show how powerful our minds are …
    I haven’t had the same Ah Hah that you’ve had with QE … but I do love all these different processes as we are each unique and we are able to find the ones that resonate with us.
    Ellie Walsh recently posted…What Does A Toothbrush and Meditation Have in Common

    • Hi, Ellie,

      Great to *see* you here. 😉

      The finger growing thing, of course, is just the first video. The 4th and 5th video get closer to explaining and teaching QE/PA. I’ve found it’s the FASTEST way into the Vortex. Literally, in seconds *I AM THERE*, the ego and stories have dropped away, and I feel the bliss profoundly. I now do QE/PA throughout the day, whenever I want to.

      I hope you’ll try the audio meditations and experience the vibe shift, too.

      Many blessings,

  3. p.s. sorry, lol… I happened to wonder, is there a way you can send your reply automatically through email so that not only does it post on your blog, but it sends the sender an email? Cuz I don’t always come back and check to see if you responded. (It’s not laziness, I swear… but there’s got to be a feature in the set up somewhere of your blog. I think)
    sheila recently posted…Milestones on the wings of a satin cap

  4. Hi Nancy….
    I did indeed watch all the videos… and downloaded and did the meditations…. I have to honestly say … I have not had the profound results you have. I guess that is why there are many processes as we humans are a diverse group. 😉

    I’m thinking this process, as all, affect people by the way they learn. Do you know if you are a kinesthetic, visual, auditory or digital learner?

    Ellie Walsh recently posted…What Does A Toothbrush and Meditation Have in Common

    • Hi, Ellie,

      As an artist, I always knew I was visual (which the majority of people are), but I have found in the last few years that the combination of audio and video together really helps me understand better.

      As for the QE/PA videos and audios, they got me started but it was the experiences I was having practicing regularly on my own that really cemented my appreciation for meditating on Pure Awareness. It gets easier and easier, like many physical life experiences, the more you do it. In the beginning it took a few minutes to get to the Vortex feeling, but now it’s literally seconds: A second to get into Pure Awareness and in the Vortex 2 seconds later. The shift in vibration is palpable and I’m getting into the Vortex for no particular reason other than that it feels great! Just like Abe talks about. 😉

      Many blessings,

  5. Hi Nancy….

    We do use all the modalities …. And we usually have a preference … I am auditory and just 1 point after – kinesthetic.

    When I heard about QE – I did a 30 day with it – as I do with all processes that intrigue me. I’ve spoken to others about it … some have great results, as you have, and others have results like mine… That is why I am looking at the correlation of learning styles and processes……
    Ellie Walsh recently posted…What Does A Toothbrush and Meditation Have in Common

    • Hi, Ellie,

      That is why I am looking at the correlation of learning styles and processes……

      We ought to compare notes, Ellie. I’ve noticed that brain dominance plays a role in how people experience affirmations. It’s probably similar to what you are finding with learning styles. Since Meditation, Affirmations and Visualization are the foundation for spiritual growth, I believe it is important that we understand the effect of the heart and mind on the journey.

      Many blessings,

  6. Hi Nancy,

    I really like the Pure Awareness meditation audio. Just did it! There are some similarities to the Eckhart Tolle meditation yet different as Eckhart has you specifically tuning into the energy of your body and energy field. He also doesn’t take you far out into the universe.

    I also like that the PA mediation is a guided audio. It got me into a pure awareness state rather quickly

    Thanks for turning me onto it.

    All the best,

    • Hi, Susan,

      You are welcome and thank you for sharing your experience! I am interested to hear how it compares to Tolle’s meditation. I do tune into my body’s energy first, before I open up to awareness of the energy around me, and then expand outward.

      I’ve done a simple meditation from Tolle’s The Power of Now where I just focus on breathing and the energy in my body, then I move conscious energy from my head down into my heart, then all around…very calming. From there I usually ask: What is the most important thing for me to focus on now? From that centered place, I get a clear answer. 😉

      Keep practicing the QE/PA and keep me updated ~ would love to hear about your breakthroughs!

      Many blessings,

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  8. Read “Secret of Instant Healing” about 3 weeks ago. Amazing results after the second chapter. Have had remote QE done for me to rid myself of cold symptoms, a painful back and smoking cessation. Incredible results. A true blessing. All I want to do is share this with everyone.

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    • Michelle, I am so glad you had the chance to check it out. Do listen to the guided meditation (Pure Awareness) and play with it. In a few days (or less), you’ll find you can do it anywhere, eyes open or closed, by yourself or in a crowd.

      For a while, I was running monthly Pure Awareness calls for GVU where we did this in a group. Amazingly, each group would often pick up on intuitive hits – many of us seeing or feeling the same information, despite being all over the globe during the calls.Very fascinating!

      Many blessings,

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