Effective Solopreneur: Open for Possibilities

Yesterday, I was checking out the database for this blog, and single-handedly brought this site down just minutes before leading a Quantum MasterMind call. A glaring ERROR MESSAGE greeted visitors. Knowing that I didn’t have time to fix the blog prior to the call, especially since I did not know exactly what I did to bring down the blog, I made a decision. I took a deep breath and said, “OK, I’ll fix this after the call.”

Most people I know would have been freaking out and upset. I was relaxed, calm, and focusing my energy on my upcoming group call. As I was walking to get some water prior to the call, I realized I had just created space for the possibility of an easy solution to a yet undefined problem.

Coaches and Mentors across the globe do this for their clients every day. When clients work with a coach, they’ve automatically got an ally who not only has their back, but one who also willingly believes in their possibilities are on their way to being a reality.

Holding the space open for possibilities is actually one of the reasons clients are much more likely to achieve greater success while working with a coach.

My question to you: How often do you hold the space for unseen solutions to appear in your business?

I am a business mentor, but this question was an epiphany for me, too!

I realized that I rarely do this for other parts of my business, but I was easily able to do it for the technical aspects. Having lived and worked in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years might have something to do with my technical confidence. Still, I know lots of people (especially women) in this area who don’t feel the same trust that they can solve their technical problems.

But whether I have technical knowledge or not really makes no difference.

Everyday, people across the globe find previously unknown solutions just by being open to that possibility. History is filled with names of amateurs who solved problems the experts believed was impossible to solve. When you decide something is too difficult…or can’t be done…or is impossible…you are shutting the door on that possibility AND you are often shutting the door on related future possibilities.

The bottom line is this: If we don’t hold the space for possible solutions to appear, then in most cases we won’t even try.

I held the space for a solution to appear, and it did. Obviously, you can see my blog is up and working. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you can see that I held the space and kept the door open for the possibility of a solution. I believed a solution was right around the corner…and, therefore, it was!

How often do you hold the door open for unseen solutions before they arise? Share your thoughts below…

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2 thoughts on “Effective Solopreneur: Open for Possibilities

  1. Hi Nancy —

    I love your post and your epiphany!

    Recently I noticed that for the simple reason that I am noticing, more and more, how love is the glue that holds everything together… so much of my life is getting easier.

    One very specific way this has shown up is that three old loose ends have almost magically taken care of themselves in the last week. These had to do with old projects that I had either forgotten about or put off. In the case of the two that I had forgotten about, it turns out that they didn’t need to be finished after all and the process of discovering that led to some delicious conversations and wonderful reconnections. The third one involves more action on my part, but it all feels really good and it’s just been so easy to take care of and… quite significantly… I have plenty of time to do it right.

    So much abundance! And all because of where I’ve placed my focus and the space I’ve held open for more and more good stuff to come in to my life. So simple and so profound!

    Thanks for your post because it really drove these points home for me in a very powerful and direct way!

    All the best!

    P.S. Here’s my favorite line: “History is filled with names of amateurs who solved problems the experts believed was impossible to solve.” I love this reminder about the power of, what in Buddhism is called, “Beginner’s Mind.”
    Frank Butterfield recently posted…When you are ready…

    • Great to see your happy face here, Frank! 😀

      Thank you for the comment. As you focus on solutions & abundance for you, even if you don’t know from where or how they will appear, just holding that space means they have room to find you!

      And my point about amateurs solving problems is true. I saw a documentary that traced back all the inventions that led up to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The VAST majority of breakthroughs came from amateurs who didn’t know what they found OR knew the value but couldn’t get most folks to believe them.

      The person who finally solved how to keep track of time on a ship, John Harrison, was a wooden clockmaker by trade but was not a member of the Royal Academy of Science. So, when he offered his ideas, nobody respected him until he proved that his idea worked…and even then, it was an uphill battle. The experts believed only a REAL scientist could solve that problem. Sound familiar?!? 😉

      Many blessings,

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