Get Sucked Into the Vortex of Love and Appreciation

Since my last post was about expressing appreciation, I’ve decided to expand more on different ways we can express our appreciation. appreciation_vortex

Of course, there are many ways express appreciation, including reaching out to others in words, writing, and voice to let them know how you feel. Whatever feels good for you to do, will also feel good to the recipient. As much as it feels good when others recognize us for a job well done or appreciate us for being in their lives, it might even feel BETTER to let others know we feel that way about them! A win-win all the way around.

When we express appreciation, we add more power to the vortex of love energy that is the basis of our universe.

My son is a pretty vocal opponent of the Law of Attraction and many of the metaphysical teachings that others appreciate me sharing. Perhaps it’s typical that children will abhor that which their parents represent. I’d say he doth protest too much: My son will openly tell me he thinks it’s all hooey, yet he beams with delight when his teachers openly appreciated my blank affirmation cards. What’s more interesting, he’s often exhibiting the exact behaviors I recommend to my clients!

Here’s a perfect example: It’s not uncommon to hear my son walking around the house randomly rampaging his appreciation for his job and his employer. He really doesn’t care if anyone hears him. He froths himself up with sheer joy and appreciation on a regular basis. The more he talks about what a great opportunity it is for him, and how much he appreciates that opportunity, and what a fantastic, well-run company he works for, and how LUCKY and HONORED he feels to be part of the organization… the more he FEELS that appreciation within himself! Not only does he benefit, but anyone in earshot benefits from this contagious full-blown rampage of appreciation!

Just listening to him, I start to smile and whether I agree with him or not, it doesn’t matter because I’m feeling good noticing all that I appreciate in my world! Listening to anyone rampage their appreciation, it’s hard not to be joyfully sucked into the positive energetic vortex of love!

When a person’s energy shifts the energy of those around them, it’s termed “entrainment”. When you consciously choose to rampage verbally (or non-verbally) around others, those around you who are open to feeling better will pick up on your higher vibration and find themselves being entrained to your vortex of love and appreciation.

Don’t take my word for it…try it yourself! Make a choice each day to rampage your appreciation (out loud, if you dare, or internally), then notice the attitudes and behaviors of people around you.

Try it on your clients, vendors or colleagues. Once you start to see the shift, you may be inspired to begin rampaging around the more difficult people in your life.

Oh, and when you do, be sure to come back here and share you experiences!

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8 thoughts on “Get Sucked Into the Vortex of Love and Appreciation

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    • No problem, Sheila. Your Gravatar looks great. Thank you for the nudge to get the Tweet button up and running. We web gurlz gotta look out for each other! 😀

      Many blessings,

  2. Great article Nancy! Appreciation is the surest way to get into the Vortex…I recently viewed an Abraham-Hicks u-tube video where Abraham describes an experience Esther had as they pulled into a truck stop with their “monster bus”. A truck driver was just pulling in and as he admired their motor home, he responded with TWO THUMBS UP!! The energy of appreciation that is felt when you think of something that you would give two thumbs up to is powerful. I have been using this example with children and they are loving it and “getting” it!

    Your son is typical of so many…I meet parents everyday who are completely open to integrating the principles of the law of attraction into their relationship with their children…until you call it the law of attraction…then they look at you as if you have two heads!! Ha! And I have noticed in the marketing world that many coaches are huge proponents of the fact that your thoughts and beliefs are critical to your success in business, however they have replaced the term law of attraction with “positive mindset”….Interesting!

    denny hagel recently posted…Parents!Remove Screaming…Insert Pleasant!

    • Two thumbs UP for your post, Denny!

      Thank you for the comment about calling it LOA around kids. You have a great point, and YES…I’ve seen virtually EVERY coach talking about the importance of mindset when a year ago they were just talking about tactics. I guess they finally figured out, you can teach people how to take steps but the effort won’t bear fruit if the client isn’t lined up energetically…oops…with a supporting *mindset*! 😉

      Many blessings,

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