Appreciating You this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today in the United States!

When my son was young, I use to keep him busy while I cooked dinner for Thanksgiving by asking him to write down a list of what he most appreciated in his life. I’d also make my own list. Then, during the Thanksgiving meal, we’d each read from our respective lists. It was a sure vibe-lifter!

As you might imagine, when I first asked him to do this, my son was not thrilled. He’d start the task with the usual irritation and disbelief that Mom asked him to do what he perceived initially as *homework* on his day off of school. Also not surprisingly, as the day wore on and his list grew longer, he got happier and more appreciative. The more he looked to appreciate, the more he found. Initially struggling to come up with ten items, he’d easily come up with 100!

At the dinner table, my son beamed with joy in sharing each item on the list which included family, friends, pet, favorite toys and cherished experiences. Making lists of appreciation, or Rampages of Appreciation, as Abraham-Hicks calls them, is a fantastic way to shift your energy!

You may think that making the lists in your head is enough, but there is power in writing them down and seeing that list grow! I challenge you to begin writing your lists down, in a notebook or on paper you put in a binder, remaining open to add to your lists as time goes on and you become more aware of your deep appreciation.

Write down what you most appreciate about your current life, relationships, career,
and health. If you are self-employed, write what you most appreciate about your
business, your clients, your vendors, and your community.

And by all means, don’t just stop listing what you are happy about now. Feel free to list what you appreciate coming into your future experiences, too!

Many people have shared with me that they have a gratitude journal. I’ve had those in the past, but often gratitude lists began to feel more like *shoulds* than true appreciation. When I focus on appreciation, it’s a much lighter, more loving energy for me.

For a long time, I couldn’t understand why gratitude didn’t always feel good to me. Then, Abraham-Hicks shared this workshop excerpt about the difference between an attitude of gratitude versus the emotion of appreciation. That’s when I realized why the latter had been so much more powerful for me.

If you haven’t listened to this, it’s worth a few minutes to understand the distinction for yourself:

Once you have your list, keep it handy. Many of the items and experiences listed will likely qualify for your personal Joy List you can turn to whenever you are ripe to shift your energy to a better-feeling place. As you live your life from an ever-more-positive place, the Universe mirrors that energy back to you so you’ll have more and more and more to appreciate showing up for you!

This Thanksgiving, I truly appreciate all of you who subscribe to the AffirmingSpirit mailing list and blog, who read, share, comment and and interact with me all year long. Thank you for joining me in this journey! May you be blessed today, and everyday, with an abundance of joy and appreciation!

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating You this Thanksgiving

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  2. Nancy,
    What a beautiful tradition you created with your son! It has been my pleasure to get to know you this year, and to gain so much insight from you. You are truly an inspiration to many! Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate you!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G =-.

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