Renew Your Vision

illustration by Nancy Barry-JanssonThe other day I was watching a video where they mentioned how we can become accustomed to the sights and smells in our home, and not notice them at all whereas a stranger would notice them immediately. This is why we can daily walk past, or over piles, of paperwork to be filed, dirty clothes waiting to be laundered, and books waiting to be finished…never remembering or making time to deal with them. Or why we do not notice the smell of last night’s dinner lingering or the odor of our beloved pets. We can become accustomed and block it out of our everyday attention, but it’s still lurking as an energy drain beneath our conscious attention (or lack thereof) ~ and it feeds our self-image.

One of my clients is an executive business coach who recently recounted an experience at one of his corporate client’s offices. Upon walking into the environment, he began *seeing* obvious issues of which his client seemed oblivious. When he made a suggestion to them, they were astonished at what a good idea it was…and how they hadn’t noticed the issue before he pointed it out!

When he was sharing this story, my first thought was how easy it is to overlook our own problems, issues, and distractions. One of the many benefits of having a mentor or coach is that they can immediately *see* what’s not working for us, what’s sticking out, and what’s blocking our progress. When they point it out, we can finally *see* the issues and do something about them!

This also got me wondering: What have we stopped seeing in our own business, gotten so used to working around or dealing with, that we no longer *see* it?

If a stranger walked into your home or business today, what might they see and immediately see is not working for you?

Take a walk around your home, office, yard, and check out your car…really take notice as if you are seeing it with renewed vision. Does your home, office, yard, and car support the person you are choosing to be? If so, how…and if not, what would be good to change right now? Decluttering? Re-organizing? Shifting priorities?

TIP: If there is a lot to do, break it down into smaller steps. As you see yourself taking actions to make your environment supportive, your subconscious receives the message: I am ready grow. I am ready to become an even better version of myself.

Just as we can become accustomed to physical environments, we can become accustomed to our own emotions. In fact, as we age, our emotions narrow to the ones most often used: Happy people get happier, angry people get angrier, sad people get more sad, and so on. Some might call this Law of Attraction in action, but here is a bio-chemical reason for this: The brain regularly cleans house of unnecessary/unused receptors and chemicals, and makes more receptors to handle the common chemicals.

What emotions would you like to be experiencing more often? Does your current environment (physical and emotional) support you? How can you set up your current environment (physical and emotional) to support you? Who are the people you’d like to spend more time with?

When you renew your vision of yourself and set up your physical and emotional environment to support you, the Universe is only too happy to mirror that vision back to you!

Tell me…what is your renewed vision showing you? Share it in the comments below or tell us how you have done this in the past.

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