How Do We Know?

Over at the lively and upbeat Good Vibe University forums, we have lots of amazing conversations on just about every subject. It really is an amazing group of deliberate creators who come together to take thought beyond which it has been taken before WHILE having a lot of fun!

Recently, one of the members asked a devil’s advocate question about Law of Attraction: How do we know that it (LOA) is working all the time? What if we are wrong?

There were many responses, all pointing out how LOA is like gravity so it’s always working AND if we don’t believe it’s working, then it won’t work for us.

The questioner didn’t like the answers and kept pushing to ask us to consider that we may be wrong.

Personally, I’m not interested in a conversation on that topic, so I might not have responded. However, I did feel there was a greater message to share. Here’s what I wrote in response:

At the beginning 10 years of my journey, I didn’t know…I thought it would be cool, but I didn’t know for sure, and looking back, I didn’t always expect it to work, either. Rolling Eyes

Then, I started having personal experiences where there was NO OTHER explanation. Shocked Very Happy Shocked

And then another. And another…until, it just became OBVIOUS to me. I now trust it. Some experiences show up in minutes, others take years. When the long-desired experience finally shows up, THEN I can *see* why it took all that time and how it was ALWAYS working perfectly for me. I can see my role in holding it back, and opening up to receive. But, that knowledge comes as hindsight. Rolling Eyes

Shocked Such knowing only comes as foresight when I consciously decide it will be so. Shocked

What I’ve written is a moot point for you, though, as this is *my* answer. My answer includes the feeling of KNOWING in my body that no one else can feel, so it will never truly be enough for anyone else. It might be momentarily inspiring to those reading, but until you’ve experienced it yourself, feel that knowing to your core, and come to trust it, other people’s accounts likely won’t sustain your faith/belief.

It’s like Abe says we can’t expect someone else to keep us as the center of their positive attention all the time. We also can’t expect another person’s positive experiences to sustain OUR belief in such possibilities.

Everyone is responsible for asking their own questions and finding their own answers.

If you want to get deep: None of us can really fully answer your questions for you.

Perhaps the more helpful question to ask is:
Which world would you rather live in…the one where you can always rely on LOA, or one where LOA works randomly?

Wink Wink Wink

Many blessings,

After posting that, I began to wonder how many of you have wondered the same thing. Do you know that Law of Attraction is working all the time? If so, share how you learned…if not, what is the source of your doubt? (For those who don’t know (yet), notice the stories those who DO know are telling…how can you shift yours?)

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9 thoughts on “How Do We Know?

  1. Before I knew about Law of Attraction I was actually seeing it manifest in my life. I just didn’t know it was Law of Attraction. I have been using affirmations and setting my intention for years. I have noticed that when I am clear about what I want and am truly lined up with my intention it manifests for me. I have given examples before on your blog, Nancy, like when I was able to retrieve my purse in Mexico.

    I can remember times when my husband and I would be on the road and had car problems. I always put out my intention during those times. ( I now know that as pre-paving). And everything worked out well as a result.

    So for me the needed ingredients are clarity, absolute trust and alignment with what I am wanting to manifest. However, none of this is done in an attached way. I always turn it over to the Universe, Source and trust it is being taken care of in the best and highest way possible. .

    Like you, Nancy, I have an absolute gut feeling of trust in this. And, when I first heard about Law of Attraction I resonated with it in a deep way. It rang true for me.


    • Thank you, again, Susan for sharing your perspective!

      What do you say to folks who say…”Well, I intended, and was in a great place vibrationally, but what I wanted never showed up!” ?


      “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work all the time, because if it did, I’d already have everything I’ve asked for!”


      Many blessings,

  2. In answer to your first question. I would probably explore with them a little bit. Look to see if they have any unconscious limiting beliefs, blocks etc that my be interfering. A person can be in a great place yet not be in total alignment.

    And for the second… I might say —-only if you are in complete alignment. That means you need to be in alignment with the Source of your being. Then I might explain some factors that can come into play.

    For example.

    You could be very close to manifesting what you want but get impatient then start doubting.

    Another reason could be timing. You know the metaphor of the garden. You plant a seed and it takes a certain amount of time for that seed to grow within the earth then push through the earth and bloom. Just because you cannot see what is going on beneath the earth does not mean there is no growth (manifestation)

    Also, some things are easier to manifest than others depending on how strong your belief in manifesting that particular thing is. If something is a stretch you may need to reach for and acknowledge it incrementally. This is where tools like, “Wouldn’t it be nice….” helps tremendously.

    Hope this helps. : )


    • Susan (Eller),
      You are soo right! Recently, I was manifesting a big goal. It was going along smoothly, and then I started to get doubtful, starting to look for more of the tiniest clues, keeping score, and I could feel the momentum starting to slow down, and I was having difficulty being patient. It hit me….and I realized I was attached so I needed to totally “let go of the wheel”, all together, and it was exactly what was needed! My manifestation came through the next week! Whew!! I felt like I let go, just in the nick of time!!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I’m stilling buzzing with that awesome video on Aimee Mullins’ TED speech, you shared at GVU.

    I have been a student of LOA for years, even before I knew that term. I recognized it as that “something magical” that we humans have in and around us. I would recognize it in the form of synchronicties. My fascination led me to reading and asking and learning more and more over the years.

    And each learning would reaffirm my faith that “something magical” is going on in me and around me. Of course, this came to be defined as the Law of Attraction.

    Since then I have seen it played out EVERY single time in all the good and not so good stuff that has happened around me.

    I see it’s evidence in my daily life, sometimes it’s a drop and sometimes it’s a SPLASH that I just can’t explain as anything other than a miracle! And I have many many stories to back up the fact that LOA just IS!!!

    The lives of Michael Oher, Aimee Mullins and so many others like them are panoramic evidences of the existence of that “something magical”.

    So, whether we see it or not, LOA is in motion. The question is do we want to be deliberate in guiding its motion? ‘Coz well, we CAN!! 🙂

    • Parul, thank you for stopping by to comment and I’m so glad you found Aimee Mullin’s TEDMED talk about Opportunity in Adversity helpful. I also found it very inspiring! 😉

      Sounds like your experience has been a lot like mine! You can feel that something is going on, and then you have experiences that confirm that, indeed, there is!

      Especially love this:

      So, whether we see it or not, LOA is in motion. The question is do we want to be deliberate in guiding its motion? ‘Coz well, we CAN!!

      Spoken like a true believer who *knows*!!! 😀

      Many blessings,

  4. First I also love these comments! ‘sometimes it’s a drop, sometimes a splash’. LOVE that. I’m still learning this. I often times have to remind myself of it, although I talk about it alot. My family is now understanding it just from little things that I say….I’ve even heard my husband having conversations with his buddies and he’ll throw in a comment ever so slightly that I step back and say…wow…he DOES listen to me! lol

    I was going to say that it’s something that has to be practiced…but after just writing that…I’m not so sure. I think we practice it without really thinking about it. And it really does work. And as for….If it really does work….I’d already have everything I asked for?

    I think that what you ask for…how that vibe is put out there….determines what you get that is best for you. So wishing for a way out of debt and living a dream may not come in the form of hitting the lottery, but a long round about solution that teaches a lesson and paves the way for a new start.
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..Oatmeal Not just for breakfast anymore =-.

    • Sheila, don’t ya just LOVE it when husband’s seem *oblivious* and then go spouting your *EXACT WORDS* to his friends like he’s a GENIUS!!! LOL!

      I do agree with your observation…

      I think we practice it without really thinking about it. And it really does work.

      Abraham has said many times that we do not ever need to ask with words because we are asking vibrationally ALL THE TIME. However, we line up with *receiving* when we allow…which means: Meditate, Affirm, Visualize, Relax, Laugh, and otherwise just *enJOY* life. Instead most folks are busy complaining that their stuff hasn’t shown up YET. 😉

      Love your comments, Sheila, and appreciate watching your journey. Delightful!

      Many blessings,

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