Yes, You ARE a Master Manifestor!

Through the course of working with small business owners with Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs and coaching individuals, most of the clients struggle to get to the place where they can imagine RECEIVING what they are asking for. Many struggle to believe that it’s possible to have what they want. They do not see themselves as powerful manifestors.

Of course, they usually have a non-supportive story in their head that goes something like this…

“OMG, this is really BIG! I really WANT this to happen, but I just don’t know how to create it! How can I possibly bring it into my life IF I don’t know how to make it happen? Maybe this is too big for me. Maybe it just isn’t possible…”

Seriously, with that kind of story going on, who could expect to receive what they want? One of the keys to receiving what you ask for is to practice FEELING AS-IF you are already living your new desire. Doing so conditions the mind to be open to the experience, and then you notice those opportunities all around you. This is how you begin deliberately molding consciousness into reality.

The Law of Attraction is always lining you up with experiences that match your dominant vibration. So, when you vibrate at the place of…I just don’t know how to create it…I don’t know how to make it happen…this is too big for me…it just isn’t possible, take a wild guess what you’ll experience?

One day, I was thinking about how I could help my clients overcome their block to receiving while sitting on my couch with my legs up on the ottoman. My kitties, sensing an opportune moment for being loved, immediately commenced pinning me down. Louise got in her usual spot on my lap and began purring loudly. Thelma then cuddled herself closely to my left, effectively wedging me into the corner of the couch. Amidst this abundance of purring fur, which always evokes an avalanche of loving feelings, I began recalling how these elderly kitties had come into my life: I intended it.

I intended that when it was time to adopt a new kitty, the next one would love to lie in my lap and be petted, would have long hair and be beautiful, would not claw me, and would be very well socialized. I intended being open for two cats, and if I did get two cats, they would get along very well. Where I live, only indoor cats are allowed so I knew it would have to be a cat who was happy being indoors. Then, I let it go. In fact, I recall it was a weekend and I took an afternoon nap.

Notice that I set forth an idea of what I wanted to experience, imagined how that would *feel*, and then let it go. I didn’t judge my current experience, I just put my mind on what would be great, imagined some of the details that would make me happy (long fur, not being clawed, possibly 2, both kitties getting along, etc.), and let it go. By letting go, I mean that I trusted that when the time was right, it would all come together.

Almost a month-to-the-day after setting this intention, I was unexpectedly in a position to adopt when my previous cat died. That same day, I found Thelma and Louise: Two older (calmer) sister kitties who were long-haired, declawed, and were gorgeous. They had to be indoors because they were de-clawed, and it’s clear they *like* being indoors.  Louise looked like a cat who had previously owned me and purrs like a motorboat, so I took first to her. However, Thelma soon won me over with her amazingly loving and human-like personality.

Just thinking about how I had intended something very specific, then GOT IT, made me begin to look at other experiences I had intended and they came to pass. There were many! In fact, the more I recalled, the more there was to recall. Suddenly, it dawned on me that probably MOST people have many experiences they recall desiring and then they experienced them at some point. I bet you have MANY experiences you can recall that will get you into the feeling place of RECEIVING!

Recalling those times in your life when you decided that you wanted an experience, and then did, is a fantastic way to:

1. Remind yourself of all the times you have had an intention and then lived it, and…

2. Remember the FEELING of RECEIVING what you’ve asked for so you can practice feeling it often!

Take a moment to recall those times you’ve asked or intended for an experience, and the Universe provided it. Remember the feeling of getting it? Hold that feeling in your heart and allow yourself to really FEEL it. Practice that feeling as often as possible.

If you do this, it is doubtful you will question your ability to receive what you ask for. However, if the question does come up, you will quickly be able to recall and FEEL the memory of asking and receiving!

Can’t recall anything worthy of  a Master Manifestor? Start with your BODY! The fact that you are alive and that you manifested something that cannot even be created by other humans nor the components bought to build a body means you are a Master Manifestor.

It’s your turn! Click comments below and share some memorable intentions that came into physical form for you…

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20 thoughts on “Yes, You ARE a Master Manifestor!

  1. Nancy, I always enjoy your posts as they most often pose a question that I feel I can sink my teeth into…and then of course I have lots to say! This post is no different. Your beautifully written post is both complete and inspiring. You have laid out in perfect order the steps to manifesting and even added the most important element which is to FEEEL it. (which many people leave out). Rather than sharing a time or two that I have received an intention, I would like to share with your readers another point to consider.

    As you follow the steps in this post, witness the manifestation of your intentions, and experience this process a few times, you quickly realize the ease and naturalness of deliberately creating what you desire. It then changes from “What do I want today or this week etc” and becomes the way you think automatically…it becomes a lifestyle. And then you live your life from a mindset of knowing your power to create whatever it is you want…from minute to minute, day to day. You are then living at that vibrational level where what you want is what you get, and that is living your bliss. Through practice, paying attention to the results, and trusting (which is easy after you have seen the results first hand) the most wonderful part is knowing you are the creator of your reality and your reality is whatever you choose it to be. It is not limited to getting a specific job, relationship, or car, it encompasses every moment of your physical existence.
    Thanks for sharing Nancy! Brilliantly done as always.

    • Hi, Denny,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your additional point about making it a lifestyle versus for a specific experience! Once people have actually connected to the fact that they HAVE had previous manifestations, usually when they were unaware of the Law of Attraction at work in their life (it always IS), THEN they become open to making deliberate creation and active thought a lifestyle. However, those who need this post the most are stuck at the place where imagining themselves being able to create what they want to experience just seems/feels impossible.

      Many blessings,

  2. Great post Nancy! And I’m going to do a testimonial for your wonderful affirmation cards as soon as I can! I’ve been working lately with my husband establishing a new offshoot for our window cleaning business. It’s taking just about all of my time. Just want to let you know you’re on my list of things to accomplish. ;o)
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..Simple relaxation techniques. =-.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sheila, and congratulations on the new business offshoot ~ remember to schedule in *relaxation* and let the Universe fill in the details of your new endeavor!

      Many blessings,

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I love the title of this blog, It feels so good to read it, repeat it, feel it and breathe it in.

    Of course, like your news headline says, we ARE all master manifestors as we are here incarnated on this planet. Before sharing one of my manifesting stories I would just like to encourage your readers to be patient with their manifesting process. Although a manifestation can happen immediately some people give up too quickly or have a habit of giving in to self-doubt. Then they wind up sending out conflicting messages to the universe.

    Also, your suggestion of recalling successful manifesting experiences is an excellent way to reinforce one’s manifesting power and to build confidence in this area.

    I have many manifesting stories I could share however I am drawn to share this particular one and to elaborate.

    For many years I have manifested the perfect place to live via the power of my intention, imagination, affirmations and trust in the process of life. When I first started doing this back in the 80’s it was a new experience for me and the process took longer than expected. My husband (at that time my significant other) and I were living in San Francisco and needed to move to another apartment. We composed an affirmation together on everything we wanted in an apartment and put out our intention. However, it took us much longer to find our ideal apartment than expected as there were many other couples looking at the same time.

    At one point my husband got very frustrated because we came so close to getting what we thought was the perfect place only to find out that our neighbors, Jon and Mari, secured the deal. Then the perfect place did appear. We lived there happily for 11 years until it was time for us to buy a home. And, as it turned out Jon and Mari had to move out of the other apartment within a year because the owner decided to move back in.

    I am using this story to demonstrate that sometimes the Universe works in mysterious ways. If a manifestation doesn’t work out at first there is a reason, one that may not be immediately apparent. That is why we need to trust in the process of life and to have patience. I find that it always works out wonderfully when I do this.

    Many blessings to you Nancy for your continual inspiration.


    • Susan, I just *LOVE* the examples that you share! This is a *PERFECT* example of how something appears not to work out, but really, it’s working out BETTER for us.

      This makes me wonder how different life would be if everyone just KNEW *everything* was working out better than they could have imagined!!!

      Many blessings,

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  5. Great post Nancy.

    You are right the way to receiving what you want is unique for everyone.

    Once you focus and feel what it is like to have received what you are wanting it is just a matter of surrendering and allowing it to happen.

    I find myself going through several steps at this point.

    The first step is positive impatience. In this step I feel like I have done all my inner homework and still am thinking where’s my stuff. Unfortunately, the thought of where’s my stuff includes within it that the belief that I don’t have my stuff yet. And that belief keeps the physical manifestation just outside my reach and in the future.

    The problem is that I am believing in the wrong truth. It is a matter of perspective. From the physical perspective, it is not here yet. However, from the perspective of the truth of who we are, Source Energy or vibration, what we want is already manifest as vibration. The vibration is what is more real. Our physical world is only a projection of what we believe about this vibration.

    So when we face reality we must shift our attention to encompass what is more real, the vibration. We tell the real truth, that what we are wanting already exists in it’s true form.

    This moves us into the state of positive expectation. Once we achieve this state then the manifestation is just a matter of time. The length of time is dependent upon our beliefs of how much time it should take. The Universe will give us what we want based upon the path of least resistance through our belief system.

    We shorten this step by surrendering or allowing. According to Paul, otherwise known as the Communion of Light, reaching for a better feeling thought is the quickest way to surrender.

    It all comes to living in the moment, and enjoying things the way they are. This means enjoying things the way they are and enjoying the process of manifesting. And this gets back to Nancy’s original post. You feel the way you feel when what you want to manifest has occurred.

    One good way is to observe and appreciate the things around you that already make you feel this way. The law of Attraction then brings you more things that are in alignment with what you appreciate.

    When you settle into the state of being in the moment, or being in the Vortex, you are open to guidance from the Universe in doing the steps needed to bring about what you are wanting in alignment with your belief system.

    The way you will know what steps to take is it the thought of doing something will feel good. This is the exact opposite of doing something you think will have a result that will make you feel good. That action will fill feel like a struggle and will not likely give you the results you are expecting.

    Again, the way you get there is continually reaching for better feeling thoughts.

    Again, great post Nancy.

    • Great to see you here, Chip! Thank you for your detailed comment about manifesting and reminding folks of all the processes involved. My post was just about one common *sticking* point, but you have beautifully *channeled* Abraham’s message, and someone will read this and realize they want to know more. Thank you for that!

      Abraham is now speaking about how the problem itself IS the solution, if we weren’t so busy declaring it a problem! 🙂

      Many blessings,

  6. Hi, Nancy.
    You hit on some vital points in this post. The first is the feeling of your desired outcome and the second is the letting go. I did what you suggested at the end a few months ago. Looking back over my life, I was amazed at all the times that what I wanted, prayed for, or intended materialized. I also saw that my deepest expectations have always come to pass.

    Right now I’m learning about another stumbling block to successful manifesting. It’s long been my desire to be a published author so when I received an invitation to The Next Top Spiritual Author competition, I was thrilled. However, fear and feeling not good enough quickly stepped in to create resistance. Yes, I want to have my book published by a major publisher. Do I believe its possible? Yes, but I also have to believe that I’m good enough, worthy, and able to handle success. I think we often block the manifestation of our desires because of limiting beliefs about ourselves and fear of not measuring up.

    We truly are all masters of manifesting and what shows up is always an expression of our beliefs, expectations, and choices.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, Nancy!

    • @Jacqueline, so great to see you here! Yes, you bring up the excellent point that ASKING is not the same as being ready/willing/able to RECEIVE. Taking the journey to be ready, willing and able is really why we are all here, isn’t it?!? 🙂

      @Sonia & @Jeannette ~ great to see some #GVUcrew folks here!

      Yes, Sonia, surely you can recall lovers you have intended and then they showed up in your life. Remember how that felt and cultivate that *feeling*!

      Oh, Jeannette, life really is all about the *feeling*! Sometimes we forget how powerful we *ALREADY* are…cultivating the feeling of past successes is a fantastic way to enliven the memory. 😀

      Many blessings,

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  8. That feeling of receiving is SUCH an important one, Nancy!! Thanks for the reminder to revisit with it …

    … I’m going there now, remembering the time I intended a new foster animal that would be a joy to spend time with, and I got this sweet little foster kitty just before Christmas that I’m just about positive I’ll be officially naming and adopting as a permanent resident. Sweet stuff, indeed!
    .-= Jeannette´s last blog ..The Michael Scott Sabotage: How to Spoil Your Success LOA Style =-.

  9. Oooooooooooooo yes! yes! I do have stories! One that comes to mind is when I was in NZ over Christmas last year, I really wanted to go to my ex’s family home and celebrate the day with about 20+ relatives (they are a real fun bunch and the food spread is amazinggggggggggggggg!)

    So I intended, visualised, packed my bags .. and no invite! I still held that feeling and after a while I unpacked thinking oh well, I’m going to have a good time with my other friends anyways. An hour later he called and invited me up for Christmas! Wow! Hopped into a car the next day and drove up in time for the best meal ever, an awesome time catching up with his family – folks, cousins etc – after 2 years.

    Just one of manyyyyyyyyyyy such manifestation stories! The times it doesn’t work is when I’ve got a fear or strong belief negatively affecting my intention. Thanks for asking me to share Nancy! @TiaSparkles
    .-= Coach T.I.A´s last blog ..A Journey Across Time =-.

    • @Tia ~ Thank you for sharing that wonderful story! Isn’t it interesting how MANY of these positive stories we DO have, and how powerful it can be to remember them in the knowing that we ARE powerful Master Manifestors! 😀

      @Ben and Efrat ~ Your story of having each other in your mind for years so that when you met, you *knew* is a perfect example of powerful manifestation skills. Lest someone think that manifesting is *all in the mind*, I’d guess you ALSO had each other in your hearts, as well! 🙂

      @Maria ~ Often the need to know HOW is tied into a lack of self-esteem, a doubting of oneself unless there is a PLAN in place. Noticing how OFTEN you have created in the past WITHOUT knowing the HOW is a powerful exercise in reminding ourselves how truly powerful we are! 🙂

      @Cheryl ~ Thank you so much for reminding readers to PLAY! Yes, children spend most of their time playing and dancing in/around the Vortex!! A joy of play is essential for creation of all kinds. 🙂

      Thank you all for sharing your stories and comments!

      Many blessings,

  10. Beloved Nancy,

    This is a wonderful post. This idea of how to create our wanted reality is so strong.

    You know, we both had each other in mind for years before physically meeting one another. Although we had other relationships, we actually lived, each of us with the clear image of the other in mind and heart.

    So when we met it immediately clicked and today, years afterwards we still put “checkmarks on the list of requests”.

    Indeed, our minds and hearts must open to the idea of receiving before we can manifest.

    Thank you dear, for such a bright and smiling way of bringing the issue to awareness.

    Love You.

  11. Hey Nancy …

    Again, you have hit the nail on the head. I think that key is the letting go of the HOW it’s going to happen. We all get “stuck” on that one every once and a while and most of the time, especially if the desire and dream is a big one, trying to figure it out makes us feel worse because we simply don’t know HOW right in this moment.

    But when we let go of the HOW, intend it to be and just trust that it is on its way, the pathway will come to us naturally. It will feel “easy breezy”!

    I keep on reminding myself to “act as if” and do a check-in to see if “how I am acting and feeling” is aligned with what I want to attract into my life. There are times where these two things are contradictory — and that’s my indicator that I am paddling upstream. Heck, who wants things to feel hard! I just want to flow with the river and have everything I desire manifest with ease and of course with every step of the way … be Lovin’ Life and feeling FREE!

    Thanks again, Nancy for a great post and a wonderful reminder that we all our magnificent manifestors!

  12. (((Nancy!))) this is a great post and everyone who added their comments to it have added some additional energy and insight that can help anyone get moving in the direction of manifesting their desires.

    We truly are Magnificent at Manifesting! The work is actually done every day unconsciously by every human being. So when things in our lives are all out of sorts some people may become disillusioned when reaching the realization; “I created it that way? Ouch – what was I thinking?”

    Rather than worrying about right or wrong, positive or negative and “Am I doing this right?” I decided to PLAY with the concept. I began to understand the power of the hidden beliefs I held and in addition to using affirmations I learned to find playful ways of changing my knee jerk responses to life’s challenges. If I noticed myself responding to a situation with frustration or self loathing I would quickly pause for a second or two and then change my response to something else – it didn’t matter what really, just that I noticed the hidden belief and set the stage to make a change of mind-set.

    I found that the more I played at this practice the more synchronicity I would experience. I found myself laughing often when I would “catch” myself and I became more and more focused on what I knew I did want in my world. I became very grateful and patiently expectant; knowing the universe is pitching for me and all beings in our natural world. It’s the way the natural world operates.

    The universe is continuously placing the things we desire along our life paths, it is up to us to communicate our heartfelt desires clearly and consciously then allow the natural world to do the work of bringing those into our experience.

    I don’t think anyone can say it often enough though to remind people that this operates far better when practiced playfully then when it’s forced. Trying too hard just gets us anxious and changes our focus away from our success. Anyone who watched the Olympics this year may have heard some of the news media talking about how trying too hard can mess up an athlete – that “being in the zone” is better. That they focus on seeing themselves winning their medal.

    This practice is no different for any one of us. We can all benefit through having a clear conscious focus on what we desire. Our world has many distractions that can separate us from what we desire – unlike the beings in our natural world who don’t perceive anything other than their interaction with nature.

    Thanks for reminding me to pop by – I enjoyed participating with your other readers and hope everyone has some fun playing with their creation energy!

    .-= Cheryl Binstock´s last blog ..Spring Reflections on the Eramosa River #OEG =-.

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