Crafting Your JOY List

So…you’ve decided what you truly desire. With your clear vision, you’ve set your intent, connected your mental image with the related heart-felt emotion, and can feel that your request has been granted.

Now what?

Well, now it’s up to the Universe to deliver it to you. The trouble is, often whether or not you have wanted something (person, thing, or experience) for a long time, or you really-reeeaaallly-REEEAAALLY NEEEED it as soon as possible, there is often such a strong emotional charge to receiving that we are actually unconsciously blocking the very thing we say we want.

That emotional charge is sometimes referred to as resistance. It comes in a variety of flavors, including but not limited to: neediness, anxiety, worry, frustration, irritation, and flat-out desperation. At worst, you begin immediately assuming that what you want is impossible, which triggers a feeling of heartache.

Buddhists suggest that you ‘let go of the attachment to the desire’. While I understand the concept they are advocating, I personally find it *very difficult* to suddenly stop wanting the very thing that I really-reeeaaallly-REEEAAALLY believe I want or need. To me, it’s like saying, you know that itch that’s driving you crazy~the one that is driving you WILD right now? Don’t scratch it. Whatever you do, DON’T scratch that itch!

Being OK with NOT getting something you really want, or worse, are in dire NEED of, is a huge mental shift. While I do believe it’s doable, I leave that particular technique to those more evolved souls who rival Christ Jesus and Buddha.

In my experience, at my level of consciousness, it’s a WHOLE lot easier and more efficient to just go do something FUN! Seriously. When you are doing something fun, you are usually more relaxed, breathing deeper, maybe even smiling or laughing, and you almost always are thinking about something else besides your worries and fears. As you relax, breathe, smile and laugh, you are also raising your vibration…all of which contribute to manifesting faster!

As I explained in my article, Getting Out of the How Business, I needed the help of my kitty cat to shift my energy into a better feeling place. It was worth that shift: Hours later, my desire showed up. We often need help to step into a better feeling place, and if you know this, you’ll feel better about seeking that help.

To facilitate this, I have created my own JOY LIST~ my ever-evolving go-to list of experiences that I know always lift me up when I need a little help in feeling better.

My list looks like this:
> Hang out with my kitty cats (any beloved pet will do nicely)

A friends puppy with the stuff toy I bought for him.

A friend’s puppy with the little stuffed hedgehog toy I bought for him.

> Spend time with children or loved ones (who are in a good mood and won’t discuss my creation process)

> Doing something with friends, like go for a drive or watch a movie (making a point not to discuss my creation process)

> Get out into nature (go for a walk or hike, picnic in a nearby park)

> Certain music (including *singing* certain songs like Zippity-Doo-Dah or I Can See Clearly Now)

> Exercise (moving my body’s energy)

> Other creative endeavors I enjoy: painting, drawing, baking, etc.

Don’t have a pet? Visit sites like & for a quick pet-video fix.

These are in no particular order, although I find hanging out with my pets to be very effective mood shifter. It’s important to remember you are getting your mind off your desire, as you would if you *knew* what you wanted was already a done deal. I don’t have to do all of the things on the list at the same time. Each one of them does the job, depending on how I am feeling.

Once I’ve relaxed and feel better, and depending on the day or time, I often get inspired ideas to take action. Sometimes that means taking a nap (how’s THAT for inspired action!?!). It’s amazing how many times I have woken up from a nap to discover that what I wanted had manifested perfectly while I was napping!

Have you crafted a JOY LIST? If not, write one out and put it near your computer or bathroom mirror so you’ll know where to find it when you need it.

Already have a list? What’s on your JOY LIST? It’s your turn to share your stories and comments below

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25 thoughts on “Crafting Your JOY List

  1. Nancy,

    Perfect timing for this article and a great reminder as I have been experiencing some resistance lately in wanting sales to boost for my stores. It makes me feel anxious if sales slow down for awhile, especially this time of year. To ease my anxiety and invite joy I do the following.

    Connect with my Twitter community. I love this community as there is so much positive energy that lifts my spirits and raises my vibration.

    Read something inspirational.

    Hang out with my cat.

    Go for a walk.

    Hang out with my husband.

    Do activities that give me an immediate feeling of reward.

    Breathe deeply and affirm that all is well.

    Feel grateful for all that I have in my life.

    Tap on resistance.

    All help to shift my resistance so that I find relief and bring in more joy.

    In light,

  2. Nancy, I just remembered one more important way that raises my vibration and brings me joy.

    -Listening to inspirational music! Certain music brings me right into my heart center and lifts my energy up, up and up! Love it! Namaste

  3. How amazing that you would write this now. I have recently had the opportunity to examine this exact topic in my life! I found myself feeling depleted and began questioning what I have been passionately driven to do.

    I love my work and believe in its merit and value 100%, however, I started feeling as though I wasn’t doing enough to get my message to parents and this drove me harder. ..and then (out of the mouths of babes as they say!) my 12 yr old granddaughter said, “You have to keep sharing what you believe in…that’s YOUR job, when or if parents listen is their job!”

    Then she went on to say, “Let’s do something together today.” We spent the rest of the day working on her vision board and of course that led to amazing conversation!

    My list is simple….to get energized I have learned that it is important to sometimes just STOP and feel the love that I am so blessed to have in my life. When I take the time to really take in all I have in my life I return to that place of “connectedness” to the Universe and then I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

    Being Grateful,
    Thank you so much for writing this and giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts.

  4. Hi Nancy, I love this post! and will happily share with you my JOY list.

    My Everyday Joy Coaching is based on the premises that follow:

    Energetically, Joy is one of the highest vibrational experiences you can choose to tap into.

    > It is said that one minute of true Joy has the ability to neutralize layer upon layer of previous negative experiences, such as depression, anxiety, sadness, conflict, trauma, etc.
    > Joy is a transmuting energy, which means that it effects changes at very fundamental, cellular, energetic levels of your being, bypassing your conscious mind.
    > The more Joy you choose, the less of your past you carry along with you, and the more of your present you heal into wholeness.
    > When you recognize your freedom to choose to experience Joy no matter what is going on, you are on your way to establishing a new habit of Everyday Joy.
    > Joy is not only the essence of your True Nature, it is your birthright.
    > Law of Attraction informs us that Joy is the strongest driving energy of manifestation and co-creation.

    Here’s my personal –but incomplete :))– JOY list

    1. Biking on my hybrid bike and feeling the breeze my bike and I create.
    2.Walking in the park,along the canal with it’s wonderful reflections
    3. Being in nature, specifically: wild parrots, jumping fish, 30,000 ft clouds, the fragrance of jasmine, shadows of palms on the sidewalk, blue sky and green foliage.
    4. Music: so many different kinds, Ry Cooder, BB King, Texas swing, Blues, Bluegrass, Sesame Street songs like “Put down the duckie!”
    5. Laughing and being silly with my husband
    6.Playing with my little grandson
    7. Thinking about my kids when they were little, eg. their baby talk.
    8. Meditation—after 39+ yrs of practice, going deep takes an instant.
    9. My girlfriends, all over the country.
    10. My kids, one married with a child and one in college.
    11. Sitting on top on Mt Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC
    12. Hiking in the mountains
    13. Swimming in a cool mountain lake
    14.The energy and excitement of group coaching.
    15. Movies.

    My list is truly endless because I am SO NOT choosey when it comes to JOY triggers! Anything, anytime, I’ll take it.

    I’ve attracted sufficient suffering to give me the opportunity to understand that JOY is always a choice, no matter what is going on. I can expand to include JOY or contract to exclude it. My choice…very powerful.

    Thanks for all you do to encourage and uplift! xxoo


    • Denny, I only write posts when the *Spirit* compels me to do so (and provides me with the content). So, you can be grateful for Divine Source (as always) triggering me to write this for you, and others who needed to read it. :o) Thank you for your heart-felt post!

      Welcome, Jan, and thank you for the reminders about Joy, as well as your fabulous, *incomplete* list!! Mine is also incomplete, as I think everyone’s really is, and I second your not being choosey when it comes to JOY triggers. They truly ARE *all good*, whatever they are!

      Having a JOY list is especially helpful when you need a little help in *shifting* to a better feeling place (from maybe a not-so-great one).

      Many blessings,

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  7. Love the post, Nancy! And totally agree with the concept.

    My personal joy today was exploring an entirely new (for me) art process online using digital art. (You can see the result on my blog) Immersing myself in any kind of art is always a joy boost.

    Here are some other things on my list:

    1) Dark chocolate, enjoyed slowly, deliberately and mindfully
    2) Music – I have a special list of “happy music” that I use when I walk – which leads to
    3) Taking a walk, especially when the weather is just perfect for it
    4) Watching videos of my grandson – better yet, being with him “live”
    5) Watching a funny movie and laughing myself silly
    6) Walking on a beach (this would be #1 on my list, but living in AZ makes it a little impractical on the spur of the moment except in my mind)
    7) Gardening – something about getting dirt under my fingernails makes me fabulously happy
    8) Losing myself in a really good book – an excellently told story
    9) Playing with my kitties or watching them play together
    10) Sitting out by my koi pond
    11) Sitting outside by a crackling fire on a cool evening
    12) Hiking on a Saturday morning

    I’m sure there are many more. Those are the things that come to mind tonight. And thanks for bringing them to my mind, because now I’m smiling!!

    Joyfully Yours,
    .-= Claire Perkins´s last blog ..ART PEACE SUSTAINABILITY =-.

    • Oooo…dark chocolate! Definitely an add to my LOVE IT list, but not sure if it will help me shift my energy. I believe a *test* is now *required* :o) I’ll get back to ya, Claire!

      I was just given the book, “Seven Cats & the Art of Living” ~a look at human and cat nature(s), and how they intermingle as cats teach us how to be more humane. If you love cats, I recommend this book. :o)

      Being a formally trained fine artist, and a professional digital artist for 18+ years, I resonate with creative joy. Thank you so much for sharing your list. You’ve lifted yourself, and everyone else who reads the lists here. :o)

      Many blessings,

  8. Hi Nancy …

    Great post! I could speak FOREVER on this topic. Do you have all day? 😉 Given the name of my coaching company, Lovin’ Life, and being a Law of Attraction coach, you can imagine that having a JOY LIST is one of the most important things that I highly recommend to my clients. And of course, I have one too!

    One of the things that I wanted to comment on in your post was what you said about “letting go of your attachment” to your goal or desire. I agree with you that this can be difficult, especially if a person is in “need” or “desperation” mode. I find that when a person is coming from “lack” and they really want something but are more focused on the lack of it than the eager anticipation of getting it, then it is far more advantageous for them to turn their focus to something that puts a great big smile on their face! (e.g., an item from that Joy List you are speaking about.)

    However, let me share a story that happened to me, when I first left corporate and started my own business, that gives a perfect example of letting go of one’s attachment — without even knowing it — and how that helped to manifest business. When I left the corporate world as a statistician, I wanted to start my own statistical consulting business. I was working hard at getting those proposals out to companies and couldn’t understand why none of them were giving me a call to hire me since I had such an excellent reputation in this industry. Then, one day, someone told me about Life Coaching and I was intrigued. I hired a coach myself to help me with the transition from corporate to entrepreneur and started to become very passionate about becoming a life coach. The rest was history — I dove right into the training with Coach U and started my new career as a Life Coach. And yes, you guessed it … wouldn’t you know that once I turned my focus away from those Statistical proposals and onto a new passion of mine, VOILA … companies were calling me and hiring me! I was getting very large contracts for substantial amounts of money once I took my focus off “why I was not geting it” and onto something new that I was excited and passionate about!

    Hope the story wasn’t too long, but in a nutshell, I let go of my attachment without even knowing it –it was a “natural” letting go but proves the point beautifully that when you turn your focus to something that makes you feel good or excites you, amazing things happen – doors open!

    By the way … part of my personal Joy List is the following:
    1) Going to PF Changs once a week — my favorite restaurant where they already have the table waiting for me and my favorite waitress serving me.
    2) Going on Road Trips — when I am on the road, my creativity flows and business comes in with ease.
    3) Dark Chocolate — oh yeah! 72% to 86% Dark! 1-2 pieces each day (less than a serving) and it just puts a great big smile on my face.
    4) Spending quality time with my honey — always brings me joy!
    5) Writing and expressing myself in my Newsletters, Blog, journal.
    6) Being on Twitter — love, love, love that community … I am in the flow and feeling great when I am tweeting my inspiration of Lovin’ Life and connecting with others who are either on the same page or longing to improve their quality of life.

    The list can go on and on… Thanks for this post, Nancy!

    Maria C. Lesetz of Lovin’ Life
    Law of Attraction Health Coach

  9. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Maria! I agree with your comments, and love your great story about freelance statistical work.

    Just want to clarify that the “letting go of attachment” point in this post was for desires that have that HUGE emotional charge (i.e. resistance). I find it relatively easy to let go of attachment on the vast majority of issues. I left corporate job to go on my own, too, and that was relatively easy to do because I could feel it was the right decision.

    This post was really addressing the desires that have such big emotional charge that no matter how hard you try, you feel almost GLUED to the resolution. THAT is when having a ready-to-go JOY list can be *very* helpful in shifting your energy.

    I second your (and other ) listing of Twitter—If you find the right community on Twitter, it IS phenomenal! For me, the LOA/energy healing/coaching/ community on Twitter is *incredible*!

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..Crafting Your JOY List =-.

  10. Just wanted to add that I had a HUGE emotional charge to making money in my new statistical business and first entrepreneurial adventure! I was very attached to bringing in the money and a lot of resistance around that topic! (put a lot of pressure on myself)

    But once I found a new passion and turned my focus to that, the emotional charge & resistance weakened and as a result, I manifested the abundance I was looking for.

    We all tend to think that if we continue to focus on the exact thing we want to occur and try to figure out how to make it happen, that it will happen. However, it’s all connected with how we are feeling behind those thoughts and that focus. We just need to connnect within and really ask ourselves “is the way I am feeling bringing me joy?”

    Thanks again, Nancy for starting a scintillating conversation around this great topic!


    • Thanks for clarifying, Maria…

      Just wanted to add that I had a HUGE emotional charge to making money in my new statistical business and first entrepreneurial adventure! I was very attached to bringing in the money and a lot of resistance around that topic! (put a lot of pressure on myself)

      But once I found a new passion and turned my focus to that, the emotional charge & resistance weakened and as a result, I manifested the abundance I was looking for.

      Yes, this is exactly WHY having a go-to JOY list ready is so valuable~focusing on something that brings us joy and fulfillment relieves the pent-up energy charge (aka resistance). Perfect example!

      And then, you brilliantly said:

      We all tend to think that if we continue to focus on the exact thing we want to occur and try to figure out how to make it happen, that it will happen. However, it’s all connected with how we are feeling behind those thoughts and that focus.

      We’re trained in this culture to focus on ACTION & DOING, but fail to understand the profound power of the underlying feelings AS we are thinking and acting. Acting and doing unconsciously gets you nowhere compared to conscious attending to inspired actions.

      Thank you for JOYning me in this conversation, Maria!

      Many blessings,

  11. My Joy List… Nancy, thanks for the reminder, and on a day when I’m recharging and feeling a little *ugh*. I have a joy list but honestly, I can’t remember where it is right now. I also do a daily gratitude practice – well, sometimes it’s more than daily. 🙂

    So since it’s been a while since I wrote that original joy list, or even looked at it, I’ll do another one here.

    1. Overtone humming, with intention
    2. Petting my cat
    3. Doing what I do best – sing and channel healing songs! This puts me into instant connection with my spirit and Source and takes me out of mind, as in away from fear or any other negative emotion. And it re-aligns my energy and helps me release whatever was causing the discord.
    4. Listen to my visualization recordings
    5. Rehearse my newest songs.
    6. Listen to my favorite music by other people 🙂
    7. Do that gratitude practice – list on paper or in my head all that I’m grateful for at any given moment.
    8. When my daughter’s home I don’t have to do a thing. She has the most fantastic sense of humour and knows how to crack me right up.
    9. Watch a funny movie.
    10. Listen to my Abraham-Hicks recordings.
    11. Call a friend.
    12. Remind myself of times when I felt incredible joy, recreate that in my mind and heart.
    13. Sometimes allow myself a private temper tantrum – or write a really blunt journal – to get out the anger or frustration or whatever it is that’s bugging me.
    14. I too go to Twitter sometimes in search of inspiring tweets. Thankfully I have a long list of inspiring, uplifting twitter friends – like you, Nancy!
    15. Write. Anything. Just write. Until I’m done. I usually end up with something channeled that’s really inspiring!

    Great topic, Nancy!

    Love & Light & JOY,
    Brenda, Medicine Song Woman

  12. Another great list! Thank you, Brenda…I second the Abraham-Hicks recordings, specifically when Abe is do a stand-alone talk about a specific topic. Always enlightening and powerful!

    I love that you give yourself the permission to release any emotion (your example, a temper tantrum for anger), as that, too, adds to the resistance around receiving.

    And, writing…yes, I immediately feel connected to Source as I begin to write, because the information is flowing through me as I type (channeling).

    I feel the same on #Mamo (Manifesting Monday, the virtual manifestation circle on Twitter)…the energy flowing through me while envisioning and writing about everyone’s manifestation is *palpable* and incredibly powerful. In fact, the first few weeks I did it, it wiped me out. I must have gotten used to it, because now it just feels *awesome*!!! :o)

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..Crafting Your JOY List =-.

  13. Actually, I DO have a joy list! I have for a long time. It’s mental though. I draw on it often. I call it my ‘Happy Place’, lol. (like in Happy Gilmore) Works wonderfully!!!!!!!
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..Lost and found. =-.

  14. Hi Nancy,
    It was fun to update my Joy List! and refocus on what brings me JOY!
    I now have it on my desktop to update and view often!
    thanks so much for the post…

    Marilyn’s Joy List

    1. petting/hanging with/loving my cat
    2. taking my daily walk in the beauty of nature, breathing in the joyful flow of the universe, focusing on all the well being and imagining how I want my life to be
    3. reading or listening to Abraham-Hicks
    4. riding on the back of our motorcycle as my husband drives us through all the beauty of northern California, appreciating my life and imagining how I want my life to be
    5. drinking green tea with milk and agave…love, love, love it !
    6. watching a romantic comedy
    7. tweeting joyously and breathing in all the positive tweets from my amazing tweeps
    8. my daily 20 minute morning yoga practice
    9. writing lists of appreciation and lists of who I really am
    10. listening to uplifting music which inspires me to dance
    11. taking naps with my cat cuddled next to me
    12. sitting each day for 20 minutes, focusing on my breathing and letting whatever happens happen!
    13. allowing others to be who they are, no matter what!
    14. taking improv classes and laughing soooo much
    15. laughing with my husband
    16. breathing in the joyful flow of the universe and knowing that all is well !
    17. writing joy lists!
    18. to be continued…..

    in joy,

  15. Marilyn, thank you for visiting my site and writing out your fantastic list for all of us to vicariously JOYn you in JOY!

    Numbers 1,2,3,7,10,11, 12, 16 & 17 are on my list, too! :o) Nothing like a *cat* nap in the afternoon with one’s furry babies. It is a JOY one can only experience in the physical world.

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..November Co=Creation Cafe~ It’s NOT About the Money: The Inner Work for Lasting Financial Well-Being, with special guest Joan Sotkin =-.

  16. What a joyuful group of souls you are! I echo so many you’ve listed in your joyfest. Here are some of my recent ones:

    1. Stroking kitty’s furry purry belly with Reiki. When we plan holidays she has a rider list a bit like rock stars do. Instead of needing to remove all the brown M&Ms, her rider demands that her cat sitter must be Reiki attuned. Good thing our friends are so obliging!
    2. Hugs
    3. Shuffling through crisp autumnal leaves
    4. ZPoint – this is a medatative self help technique that melts resistance. It helps me get back to being joyful very quickly
    5. Playing with crystals. I feel like a child in a candy shop when it comes to all those gorgeous colours, shapes and textures.
    6. The way nearly-hubby makes me laugh every day
    7. Healing scents. I love the room sprays that Aura Soma do, or even a dab of essential oil. When I pay in client money at the bank I’ve taken to put a drop or two of bergamot essential oil with the intention of lifting the energy going through the banking system. Even the bank cashier commented yesterday how nice it was!
    8. Dancing to soulful music
    9. Cooking, doing creative things with my hands.
    10. Listening to Abe. The audios seem to go much deeper in than the books.



    • Hi, Sejual,

      I *love* reading through your list!

      I haven’t consulted my kitties, but both of my kitties like to stretch & offer me their bellies when I pass by. I take it as an invitation to stop a moment, take deep breath, connect with their loving energy and let them know how much they mean to me. The looks they give me confirm that we are all connected and they *got* my message (it’s mutual).

      I’ve heard of Zpoint and it reminds me of another technique. It’s amazing how all these resistance-shattering techniques are showing up at this point in time~there is always one that works best!

      I’m the same way with crystals and pretty much all rocks/stones. They each seem to have a different personality and a beauty of their own. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Even nicer when you get to share it with a loved one!

      Dancing is definitely on my list, as is listening to Abe audios. I love to do art, baking & workouts with Abe in the background~gives my left brain good things to ponder while the right side plays! :o)

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful list!

      Many blessings,

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