Intuition and Inspired Action: Your Greatest Business Resources

Intuition is that quiet voice inside of you that shows you the best direction for you. Everyone receives their intuition in different ways and places in their body. I receive my intuition in my mind as a thought or picture coupled with a feeling in my lower throat/upper chest area. When I pay attention to it, there is a feeling of ‘yes, that’s right”–a *knowing* that this is the right action for me. Do you know where you receive your intuitive guidance?

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, it cannot be denied that intuitive guidance carries with it a deeper wisdom and powerful energy. Often what you receive feels right to you, but very *off* or strange to others. I’ve come to realize this is because the guidance is meant specifically for us”not for anyone around us. There is no use asking others whether our intuitive guidance is right or not. Bottom line: If it *feels right* to us, then *it is right* for us and meant for us to follow. If you are in doubt, then it doesn’t feel right and probably isn’t intuition.

When you listen to and act on your intuition, that is what is known as *Inspired Action*. This type of action comes with it’s own surge of energy, and following it brings far greater results with less effort than uninspired action. In comparison, any other type of action is, essentially, busy work. No other human can give you or take away what intuition provides. Make a habit of only taking inspired action, and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to grow your business and succeed!

By default, following intuitive guidance feels really good. When you are giving your attention to thoughts and actions that feel good, the Law of Attraction mirrors back to you what you are focusing upon”in this case, more experiences and opportunities that feel good!

Last year, I had the privilege of coaching a gal whose small business was not doing as well as she had been hoping. She loved the work and enjoyed working with the few clients she had at the time. On the surface, she seemed to be taking all the appropriate actions to grow her business. She had a detailed business plan and was executing her marketing plan like a pro…but nothing was working. At the point where I was speaking to her, she was considering closing her business and feeling very conflicted about the idea.

In talking to her initially, she speculated it was the area of the country she lived in or just the *economy* that was preventing her from growing her business. All the reasons she had for the business not working were external, intuitively I could feel there was much more going on internally that needed to be discussed. I know that external conditions rarely have an affect on a situation unless you internally give them the power to do so.

It turned out that a well-meaning relative with an MBA was constantly criticizing every area of her business and this triggered her to second-guess her business decisions. She never gave herself a chance to follow-through on her ideas. This relative would convince her to abort her plans and only follow their suggestions, which didn’t feel right to her at all. My client was giving more attention to her relative’s opinions than to her own intuition. No wonder her business was floundering!

So, I explained to her the way our intuition works, helped her discover how hers showed up, and encouraged her to follow that guidance before she followed anyone else’s suggestions. The shift was almost immediate! Within a week, she regained enthusiasm for her business, was re-energized, got clear on what she really wanted and took inspired actions. When the relative would chime in, she’d say, “thanks, I’ll think about it…” then refocus her attention on what felt best to her. Eventually, that relative stopped giving unwanted business advice.

A year later, you would not recognize her business! She’s dropped services that she didn’t enjoy providing, she’s changed her website and refocused her offerings in the direction that thrills her. Her business has grown exponentially, AND…most importantly, I think, she’s loving every bit of that business expansion.

When you give your intuition your undivided attention, follow what feels right to you and only take inspired action in your business, you turbo-charge your business for success!

How do you use your intuition and inspired action as business resources?

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5 thoughts on “Intuition and Inspired Action: Your Greatest Business Resources

  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful interaction with your client, Nancy. It’s so apt for me right now because as I am taking my practical steps for my new business, I am learning the art of only including those who are “hell yessing” along with me in my orbit.

    For me, I feel my intuition in my gut – sort of like the opposite of nervous butterflies! It usually follows an idea or thought that seems to come from a bigger place than my thinking mind – a fresh and vivid perspective.

    I have also come to learn that while my intuition is ever inviting me to inhabit a place of action that feels good, it is always up to me to say “yes” and align with it. I am coming to realize, more and more, how my intuition honours my free will.

    I would say one of the most valuable shifts in perspective I made in order to more effortlessly commune with my intuition was realizing that the voice of Intuition is not the loud and commanding voice telling me “I shalt” but that it was a gentle, unattached to outcome sort of voice.

    It was when I had a conversation with Andrea Hess, creator of and author of Unlock Your Intuition that affirmed how in aligning with Intuition we are not handing over our power to a greater force but rather co-creating with it and through our willingness and agreement, experience the expanded version of who we are and all we want to be.

    Thank you again for sharing this amazing article – you are indeed an Affirming Spirit

    In Joy

    • Hi, Shireen,

      I’m so glad this was helpful for you—I loved your comments. You are so right about intuition offering the solution, but giving you *free will* to follow through with it or give your attention elsewhere! Excellent point. We are always co-creating with the Source from which we came. Knowing and trusting this is important.

      As you remain on that path of lining up with what feels good for you first before you take any action in your business, and you’ll be doing great!

      Many blessings,

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