It’s a New Business Day: Creating a Conscious Business

Times are changing. Everyone is feeling it. Some people find it scary. Others find it exhilarating.

Our society is shifting, pretty rapidly now, from ego-based, fear-induced competition in business to heart-based, love-induced cooperation. Old ways of doing business are crumbling and are taking the old energy with them. This is creating an opening for new ways of being successful that don’t preclude others from success and bringing new energy into our consciousness.

For years, marketers have taught folks to focus on their target-market’s fears. “Get them to feel their pain!” they’ve instructed. In the past, this fear-based approach worked like a charm. Clients raced to their wallets to pay for the *magic pill* to relieve their pain. Talk to most marketers today, and those following the old plan will say, “Nothing seems to be working!”. No one seems to be buying what they are selling.

First off, the public is so overwhelmed with negative news and fear-based data tossed at them from every direction that they are naturally gravitating toward what feels good, safe, loving, and comforting. Fear-based approaches have now become a turn-off associated with sleazy advertising.

Secondly, many people are now becoming more conscious in their personal lives about everything from what they eat, how they consume, what and how they recycle to how they manage their money. A more conscious public also understands that they create their own reality.

Old fear-based approaches don’t work well with people who are taking 100% responsibility for their life. This population is focused on being in alignment with everything that feels good to them. Money is still being spent, but in a way that is considerably more conscious than in the past.

As businesses see a drastic drop in income, some business owners will wallow in their frustration and blame it on the *economy*. A few will frantically switch strategies until *something* works, at least for a while. The wisest will get clear on the outcome they are seeking, and take inspired action guided by their intuition, finding surprisingly simple-yet-effective solutions that grow their business today and tomorrow.

For businesses that want to not only survive, but *thrive* during times like this, there is no choice but to embrace your own conscious growth and boldly bring it into your business. When will there be a better time than now?

Have you noticed the shift in your business? How are you choosing to be more conscious?

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13 thoughts on “It’s a New Business Day: Creating a Conscious Business

  1. Great article, Nancy!
    In recent weeks I had the opportunity to see the difference in the way businesses handle the changing economic environment. While driving across the country, I found that most motel owners were willing to negotiate the price of a room. Those that did, were full. Here in Arizona I’ve found that most of the motels are not willing to lower their rates. They’re empty! You can drive by motels and hotels with only a handful of cars in a parking lot that can handle hundreds. It’s not for a lack of business. It’s because the focus is the profit margin, not people.

    Compassion for others and a focus on service are bringing success to some in an industry where many are going under. That’s something to take note of for our own business.

    I agree with your observations on marketing. The old fear-based approach is not only not effective any more, it has no integrity. People are tired of being lied to and tricked into buying what has no benefit for them. Consumers want real benefits, real value, and they are willing to shop around to find them. Those who will succeed in the years to come will put the needs and welfare of their customers first.

    Not only are consumers more conscious; they’re acting more on inspiration. If we provide products and services with integrity and value, those consumers will be inspired to do business with us.


  2. Nancy,

    What an insightful article. Thank you. Jacqueline so eloquently stated the reasons for what you are saying. There is a definite shift going on and I think you have identified a key trend for all businesses – especially those really trying to be conscious.

    My background is in sales and I continue to write B2B sales training at a major corporation. There was a very good practical – though not spiritual – reason sales people have traditionally been encouraged to “find the pain”. Tremendous amounts of research has long shown that people are more apt to invest in products and projects that reduce or eliminate pain over those that create prosperity.

    There is some very interesting research in a field known as Prospect Theory that demonstrates this tendency. It’s an odd way of seeing the world, but it has been prevalent.

    I share your belief that we have reached a tipping point where the pain/fear approach is wearing thin. People (customers) have a growing – if still vague – realization that this way of thinking is insane.

    I agree with you that more and more people are attracted to positivity, collaboration, and real value rather than fear. That is a very good thing in the business world and in the wider world beyond.

    There was a fantastic book out a couple of years ago called Wikinomics. It describes the transition from these top down, closed corporate structures towards more open, collaborate, “open-source” ventures.

    In my view, both technology and spirit are playing a positive role in this transition. As our economic lives become more “spiritual” and “positive” I believe that will release tremendous positive energy to flow into other are of our lives.



  3. Jacqueline, thank you for your insight into the hospitality industry and your observation of businesses putting compassion and focus on service. Much needed!

    Ray, yes I agree the data *from the past* showed that focusing on the pain caused clients to run for their wallets. It worked well for many marketers for a long, long time. The shift is happening, and isn’t it delightful that technology and spirit are dance partners this time around?!? :o)

    Thank you both for your insights!

    Many blessings,

  4. Thank you, Nancy. Great article. Timely and well-written.

    Besides my private practice, I am co-owner with my husband of an internet gift store.

    For the first few years sales climbed at a fantastic rate. More recently we have been experiencing a shift in that energy. Currently I am in a transition in terms of my vision for the future growth of this store. It is not clear yet how this will unfold, however, I trust that the clarity of vision will come via my intuition – my inner guidance system.

    Whatever I do it needs to come from my heart and soul. Business is about connections, of connecting with people as well as connecting people with products and services that bring meaning, value and enhance well-being.

    In order to remain conscious it helps me to have faith that everything always works out for my higher good and to maintain a positive attitude. I also view times of challenge as opportunities for growth.

    I am going to pass along inspiration from Louise Hay.

    When Louise switched careers from modeling to spiritual counseling, she experienced an initial financial crisis and worried how she would pay the bills. It was then that her guides told her to stop focusing on money. They guided her to focus on one question, “How can I serve and make the world a better place?” As soon as she followed that advise her finances improved. That is a big shift in consciousness.

    We are indeed in the midst of a conscious revolution or evolution. To be conscious means to be present, in the moment, tuned in to the broader perspective of our wiser inner being and tapped into the interconnectedness of life. It is not about us and them anymore. We are the world and as conscious beings our creations or businesses reflect that.

    Operating from a place of fear is by far the old way. There is a new wave of hope as we shift from an ego/fear based paradigm to one of awakening, tapping into the Light & bringing that forward in our work. Conscious business is about supporting one another and moving away from the model of competition to one of co-creation.

    The social networking revolution factors into the expansion of this new energy. Many of us who are healers, counselors and coaches have been drawn together via communities like Twitter and Facebook. This has given us a fantastic opportunity to work together in a more supportive and co-creative way. This in turn is fueling our creative business endeavors and offering new avenues of self-expression and expansion which in turn reflects in our unique businesses.

    Very exciting time indeed!

    All the best,

  5. I am so loving everyone’s comments!! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible insights!

    Susan, thank you for sharing your experience with your internet store. You are confirming much of what I have been hearing, and I love that you ARE conscious in your approach to business.

    Thank you also for reminding me of Louise Hay’s story. Her inspired question, “How can I serve and make the world a better place?” is excellent and similar to the question that Wayne Dyer posed in his interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

    The idea for Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs came to me after asking that question…and similarly, “What makes me unique (knowledge, experience, obstacles overcome, etc.) that would be beneficial to others? How could I deliver that in a way that is a win-win for everyone involved?”

    The whole world benefits when we stop to ask these questions!

    Many blessings,

  6. My pleasure, Nancy. I am much appreciative of this opportunity to connect in this way. This is an important topic.

    I sense you as a Way Shower. You have a wonderful ability to see the bigger picture and very much embody the name of your business, Affirming Spirit. I always appreciate your insights, support and sharing of leading edge wisdom/information.

    Many blessings,

  7. True, although I haven’t been in business long, I know that HypnoBirthing markets itself best by word of mouth referrals.

    What has interested me most, however,is the increase in people in my area expressing an interest and booking up for classes, even though their midwives tell them they might as well just have acupuncture “for all the good that it’ll do”. People are realising there is a better way of doing things and that way is the natural way.

  8. I add my voice to the others here who can almost “taste” the wisdom in your observations. I’ve felt this shift in the conversation about business, and it is delightful to hear it articulated so clearly.

    We can each find a path to prosperity by moving the focus to “what value can I provide” and away from “how much can my customers provide me?”

    As we begin to look at the value proposition and its place with ALL of our stakeholders (customers, equity holders, employees, and suppliers), we can find solutions that create some thing for each.

    I for one, will share these thoughts with the folks who surround me. Many already believe this fully and will welcome a voice that speak this so clearly and powerfully.

    Thanks Nancy!

  9. Susan, Caz and Vincent, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Susan, such kind words! *blush* If I am indeed a Way Shower, it is an honor to walk along-side you.

    Caz, isn’t it lovely that more and more people are opening up to a holistic approach after hearing a positive story from your clients? Gives a whole new meaning to “I wanna have what *she’s* having!”. :o)

    Vincent, this shift has been happening for a while, but it’s really picked up momentum in the past year. Folks used to work like dogs because the money was good. Now that the money isn’t so good, they are questioning the dog-work and it’s accompanying lifestyle (or lack thereof). I’m very glad that you are sharing this message with others—it’s time to get a choir going! :o)

    Many blessings,

  10. Nancy,

    Wonderful, timely article! The shift is happening so quickly now and it’s really fascinating to observe it as well as be part of it. Many are still caught up in what I fondly refer to as “fear teachings” but still… they are searching for something better, even if they cannot yet believe that something better is possible.

    I can literally feel the expansion physically happening to me whenever I immerse myself in gratitude and allow inspiration and intuition to pull me in new directions.

    I want to share with you an experience I had yesterday. I have been wanting to put on a big event that will give back to the Native Canadian community as well as help me raise my public profile and share my new music more widely.

    A couple of days ago the thought popped into my head to meet with the E.D. of our local friendship centre and yesterday I had the opportunity. I didn’t even book an appointment – I just went with my gut. First thing I said to him was “I have a big idea.”

    The moment we sat down, what he had to say told me that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time. He is passionate about bringing wellness and positivity to the Native community, he appreciates the value I bring through my music, and we have much common ground.

    Not only did I get the venue – for free – but we brainstormed some ideas and more have come, and he is as excited about this as I am! As I left for home feeling such joy and gratitude, I had that familiar sensation and vision of magnetism – where the universe and I are fully tapped into each other and there is simultaneously a sense of expansion from within and a visual and physical sense of drawing to me from the universal field exactly what I need.

    I know this would not have happened without following my intuition and inspiration. I don’t exactly go out seeking business meetings because usually that’s pretty scary for me. But I have a really strong desire right now to give back to this community, and I have a sort of knowingness that my new music is in perfect timing.

    Like you said, people are becoming more conscious about their lifestyle at this time.

    I think where many of us conscious business owners veer onto the fear pathway is in our marketing and usually it’s because living our truth isn’t reflected in our financial realities, or there is sudden unexpected change. I know I for one have slipped down that pathway more than a few times.

    But it’s those moments like my meeting with that E.D. – and reading your article – that remind me to go with intuition and inspiration, because in that frame of mind, fear is easier to shake off, you feel like anything is possible, and the results benefit everyone.

    I’m glad to have connected with you, Nancy. I love when articles like yours spark something inside me!

    Love & Light,


  11. Awesome, Brenda!

    Awesome that you followed your intuitive guidance and took inspired action, and now are well on your way to creating something memorable for your community. When you get busy, you can always invite other Native musicians and performers to bring their acts to the venue.

    Awesome that you brought up the point about marketing. Many conscious business owners, not knowing *how* to market themselves (or rather, FEARING that they don’t know how when they would be guided if they just *asked*), seek advice from marketing experts. Trouble is, many *experts* got that way with the old process/old attitudes and are unaware of conscious paths. They are the ones that say you have to do what doesn’t feel good to do, they teach and promote fear-based paths, sometimes recommending folks mislead potential clients (to get their attention), and along the way they ignite further fear in us.

    Awesome that you *get* how NOTHING is more powerful or valid in our success than our own intuition! It is Source/Divine Spirit/God/All That Is speaking directly to us, and guiding us to our vision. When we, as conscious business owners, OWN that truth and make it part of our daily business plan, then we will see the full shift take place.

    I *love* the feeling of being *in the constant flow* of Source Energy! Awesome feeling, and loved that you spoke of it in your comment.

    Thank you for all your insights, Brenda! Looking forward to your latest CD!!

    Many blessings,

  12. I am so glad I read this article today – thank you Nancy!

    I am most moved when I realise just how exciting this evolution into heart-based business is! While there may be a whole lot of confusion as old methods are dissolving, the positive synergy that is rising out of the ashes is just so much more inspiring!

    As a young business owner, new to the game of marketing, I find myself relieved that I don’t have to go against my inner guidance and line up with people’s fear in order for them to resonate with my services.

    I am so glad that as I embrace this new phase in my life I am surrounded by those who believe and live the truth that there is no lack, no need to focus on what we do not want in order to get what we want – we never have to solidify our problems into a mold in which the only way it can be free is if we are scared of it enough to pay for it to go away!

    In reading this blog I feel a sense of “coming home” in which business, integrity, awareness of law of attraction, affirmation and community spirit all dwell harmoniously under the same roof. And as I walk down the garden path, I see so much potential for authentic growth, beauty and abundance blooming brightly before me.

    It is an exciting time indeed!

    Thank You!

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