#MaMo: Manifesting Mondays on Twitter!

UPDATE: #MaMo was a weekly tweet chat every Monday, on Twitter,  from Mid-March 2009 through November 2012. This was the announcement page used to tell folks about the weekly event and set the up to participate.

Since the event no longer takes place, comments have been closed and this page only remains in place as an archive.


Purpose of #MaMo
#MaMo is the Twitter hastag for *Manifesting Mondays*. Every Monday there is a virtual Manifestation Circle (a group that gets together to support each other’s intentions) via Twitter. All tweets that include the #MaMo hashtag will be visible to everyone participating.

If you are not yet on Twitter, now’s a
great time to create a free account.

Thank you to Melainie Mulrooney (@WiseWays) for her spark of inspiration (read How #MaMo Got Started below). Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so. If you are asking others to focus on your manifestation, it is good to spend some time focusing on others requests as well. Remember, this is an energy sharing process, so you only get out of it what you put into it. Soon, you’ll discover that it is a LOT more fun to give energy to other’s intentions (because you are not emotionally attached to the outcome and are free to just enjoy the process)!

How #MaMo Works
, create your Twitter account, if you don’t have one. You will have to be logged onto Twitter to participate.

>> Second, this is how you participate:

1. Every Monday, Tweeps are invited to share what they are currently creating, using the #MaMo tag in their tweets so others can follow the hashtag. (Go to http://is.gd/MaMo_ to view the current listing from #MaMo Deliberate Creators.)

2. Participants spend some time focusing positive energy toward each person’s manifestation, as well as their own, as they have time throughout the day. ***THIS IS A GIVING **AND** RECEIVING PROCESS*** If you ask for energy, be sure to offer some in return!

When you state what you are intending, be sure to include the #MaMo hashtag so we all SEE your request!

As you give your energy to others, it comes back around to you. Acknowledge anyone sending energy to you with a #MaMo tweet.


It’s in your best interest to feed the cycle with energy, as well as receive from it. You actually can feel MORE energy funneling through you when you give than when you just receive.

3. Participants are encouraged to @Reply fellow Twitter participants with any positive thoughts or ideas that come up as a result of focusing positively on that person’s manifestation. For @Replies, remember to include the #MaMo hashtag in your tweets so everyone can share in the energy. You can view the compiled requests and responses here: http://is.gd/MaMo_ (searches Twitter for #mamo + #MaMo in English ~ using this link will leave out the tweets from non-MaMo participants in other languages)

(Note: I will NOT follow you only to support you with #MaMo. For follows, you must have real name, full bio, legitimate & applicable website,  reasonable ratio of follows to followers, and tweets that show respectful interaction with others.)

@WiseWays and I (@AffirmingSpirit) plan to do this process on Twitter every Monday, so you are cordially invited to join us. Our intent is to attract people who have a desire they would like to manifest that is in the best interest of all involved.

How #MaMo Got Started
Like all Twitter hashtags (phrases beginning with #), the idea first started on Twitter…when I saw a post by @WiseWays (Melanie) saying she’s done Manifesting Circles where people come together to focus energy on each others manifestations, and that the experience is very powerful. It sounded like a wonderful idea to me, but Melanie lives in Toronto…and I live near San Francisco. Our only connection is via Twitter.

I (@AffirmingSpirit) tweeted back saying that I would love to do something like this virtually via Twitter:

Twitter Stream that started #MaMo

Birth of #MaMo

Humble beginnings, yes, but none-the-less powerful! Join us for Manifestation Monday (#MaMo) on Twitter!

If you have any questions, just ask via Twitter with the #MaMo tag in the tweet. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible, but usually respond via Twitter on Sundays and Mondays.

We look forward to sharing energy with you and giving your manifestations a boost !

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34 thoughts on “#MaMo: Manifesting Mondays on Twitter!

  1. Honoured to be a part of the #MaMo circle – and trust that it’s own intention wll manifest! And.. it’s great to meet other like-minded people through the #MaMo feed.

    Drew (@AndrewDelaware)

  2. Drew and Shireen,

    It’s so nice to meet you both through #MaMo! What amazing energy. I was busy meeting a corporate client’s illustration deadline, but was able to pop in as I could throughout the day.

    I’m now following you both, so thank you for participating in #MaMo and commenting here on my blog!

    Many blessings,

  3. The first #MaMo was amazing! So much love and support going around, I could truly feel everyone pulling together for everyone else! Talk about a sense of community!

    And I can even prove that it worked! I stated my intention of going to the I Can Do It! Conference in San Diego…I just needed the $ to register. So that’s what my intention was for this #MaMo.

    I helped it along by putting in for my time off at work, and then just this morning, I had an e-mail from a freelance client that wants me to work on a project this weekend! I got ANOTHER e-mail this afternoon from another client that I haven’t heard from in a while that they have a couple of projects they are getting ready to send my way too!

    Proof positive! San Diego, here I come… 😉

    Thanks to everyone! I’m sure there will be other stories coming out of #MaMo as well! It was wonderful to be a part of it!

    aka @Meroko

  4. @wiseways is so cool! Thank you and @affirmingspirit for creating such a powerful tool! I am finding more ways to love twitter…. which I resisted for the longest time!!! Count me in!

    Christine Hiebel

  5. Three cheers for #MaMo! I’m so happy to get to share in this with all of you!

    Rhonda, that’s amazing! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences at I Can Do It!

    Manifest Magic!

    Melanie (@WiseWays)

  6. Excelllent venture. #mamo – love the positive idea, the positive results and will be glad to help share this each week. #mamo

    Barb Hauck (@chews4healthUSA)
    Tucson, AZ

  7. This is a fantastic opportunity to share – I have been following “Intenders of the Highest Good” for a while now – their on line presence is low key lately, but their original work and 10 intentions really helped me to stay on track last year. I would love to join with this Circle now.

    Ummm – I just can’t find the hash key on my Mac. Does any one else know where it is please . . .. funny thing to notice just now, but in the U.K. the hash isn’t used as widely and so far, I only needed it once and gave up with the struggle!

    Thank you and blessings,

    Lutterworth, U.K.

  8. What a great way to start out Mondays!! I love #MaMo…Thank you! The spirit is alive and Source is flowing through all for magnificent manifestations for all!!


  9. Thank you Barbara, Deborah, and Wendy! We love #MaMo too and feel blessed that we can share our energy with you through the amazingly wonderful medium of Twitter!

    Join us each week, whenever you can!

    Many blessings,

  10. Hi, as an energy healer I am looking forward to participating in this group #MaMo! What I want to manifest is a successful home practice.

    Thank you,
    Prayers, Blessings & Healing


  11. Wow, this is amazing!

    Just 2wks ago, I gave myself a very public # Twitter Visualization Challenge 101, for my dream Electric Bike. Manifested it just last week, on Day15. I’ve been so grateful to have much support & encouragement from my Follower friends.

    And when I stumble upon this very group, how wonderful it feels. Wish I found this sooner.
    But that’s alright, I hope I’ll get just as much support here for my next Visualizations!


  12. I discovered #MaMo late last Monday. I am looking forward to this connection. Without knowing specific intentions of the group, I included and felt the energy of appreciation and vibration being sent to all of you this morning with my morning Abundance mantras. Raise your vibration and be filled with appreciation for these lucky lives we have.
    Shine on,

  13. Awesome Idea… Today, I discoverd #MaMo… Thank you for starting this Wonderful Group. Melanie @wellnessforyou

  14. Melanie (@wellnessforyou),

    We look forward to you joining in. It’s wonderful to be supported in our requests, but even MORE wonderful to feel the energy flow through us as we support others!

    Many blessings,

  15. What a wonderful use of Twitter & all the goodwill that already circulates there! I will start participating next Monday, for sure. I am so impressed with all the generous spirits I’ve met via Twitter…just showing it is what you make of it (& of course, be careful who you follow!).

  16. Oriana,

    I agree that Twitter is wonderful…and primarily because of the incredible energy folks there—EFT/LOA/Ho’oponopono/coaches, etc. Such a wonderful source of joy and upliftment.

    Thank you for visiting! See you in the Twitter stream :o)

    Many blessings,

  17. I look forward to #MAMO! Even if I can’t participate as much as I’d like, I go back and search for #MAMO when I need a “pick me up”. I am grateful for all the positive thoughts and energy!


  18. Hey!
    I’m so excited about #MaMo… The energy has been awesome. This week I think I’m utilizing search.twitter on tweetdeck so I can keep up better. You’ve been such a blessing Nancy. Thanks so much for this.


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  20. This is amazing! Just found out today! Love it! Especially I love to meet other positive people!
    xoxo, Mimi


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