Everything You Experience…Is a Blessing!

If the title of this post seems shocking or incorrect to you, then you are exactly the person who needs to read this entire post. Keep reading…

In western cultures, many are taught to believe that if anything happens to you that can be categorized as “bad”, it sucks and you rarely can do anything about it so it should be avoided at all costs. People struck by fear of such experiences buy insurance to protect themselves.

In eastern cultures, many are taught to believe that every life is destined for hardships, that they are unavoidable…that the noble seek them out, dwell in and suffer through them in order to grow in character. People struck by fear of such experiences perform rituals and buy objects to protect themselves despite the inevitability.

What if there is another reality…a greater truth?

What if the truth is: Everything you experience, regardless of how it is categorized (good, bad, happy, sad, miracle, or tragedy), is actually a blessing that will improve your life in unforeseen ways?

Think about the current struggles in your life. How would you live your life differently if you began making the assumption that each struggle is actually a great blessing for which you are grateful?

We know that what we think about, comes about. That where attention goes, energy flows. What does your future hold for you if you are always fearful, angry, frustrated, and worried? In contrast, what future experiences are you attracting if you are happy, grateful, and appreciative?

How would you live your life differently if you knew that a dire medical diagnosis would teach you to value life, help you overcome phobias, live more fully, learn about your body, and make great new friends? That’s what happened to my friend who was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease for which there is no known cure. She embraced a positive attitude and asked family, friends, and church members to pray for her. All those positive thoughts focused on her well-being: Her disease is now in remission, which her doctor previously didn’t think was possible! Without the initial diagnosis she would not have lived through such a rich and rewarding experience, nor experienced the miracle of others focusing positive thoughts on her (prayer).

How would you live your life differently if you knew the financial nightmare you are experiencing would actually teach you how to ask for help (and get it), teach you how to receive, and allow others the experience of being your angel? That’s what happened to someone dear to me…always the giver, it took a difficult experience for her to allow others to help. In realizing that she and others were benefiting from this ‘struggle’, realizing the blessing and becoming truly GRATEFUL for it, her financial situation turned around almost overnight!

How would you live your life differently if you knew that a sudden job loss actually allowed you to refocus your career on what you’d rather be doing, gives you time to decompress before starting anew, and puts you on the road to a better career with higher income and better quality of life? This is what happened to me…TWICE! The first time, I started a new job (at a temp agency) the next business day making 50% more than I was before, and jump-started an entirely new career. The second time, the severance package allowed me to start a new business with greater earning potential, and flexibility to work from home as I raised my son. That was more than 14 years ago! Now when I hear someone has been laid off, I call them and congratulate them on this wonderful new opportunity in their life.

Still not sure you can view your hardship as a blessing?
Then you need to watch this video about Baby Eliot, whose parents made a bold choice: To view their son’s genetics as an opportunity, not a tragedy. Regardless of your views (pro-choice or pro-life), it cannot be denied that we all have a choice how we view our life experiences. You can dwell on the anguish or you can make another decision, and experience the BLESSING in doing so…

If nothing else, I hope you will pause to rethink how you feel about your life and your experiences. I know this to be true: From the moment you begin to see each life experience as a blessing, an opportunity to grow and be blessed, it will begin to morph into exactly that…thrilling you in ways you may never have previously expected!

Nearly two years ago, I was struck by this epiphany and it has changed my life completely! Everything I experience is now a blessing…either obviously so, or in choosing to find the abundant blessings and silver linings.

Is there an experience in your life that you can begin to see as a blessing? Please take a moment to share it with us below.

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18 thoughts on “Everything You Experience…Is a Blessing!

  1. Nancy . . . I so resonate with this perspective, though I would use the word ‘potential.’ This past summer I experienced a roller coaster of a ride with my Dad’s health. He’s 81 and suffered an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm (AAA). He made it through and he’s home now after being intubated, undergoing dialysis and spending 4 months in hospitals and rehabs. The doctors and nurses didn’t think he’d make it. I become completely engaged and spent 10-hr days at the hospital (while my brother spent the other 10-12 hrs). I knew he wasn’t ready to leave yet.

    My intense immersion in this experience shifted me, my dad and family and the health care staff. At NO moment was I unaware of the miraculous shifts that were taking place. It was quite an adventure and I am MORE because of it, so are the rest of the people that were in the dance with me.


  2. Hi, Adela,

    If potential resonates for you, then use it. However, I really did mean blessing…joyous, miraculous, ear-to-ear grinning, heart-lifting, love centering BLESSING.

    Seeing that a situation has potential, to me, is a BLESSING.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. WE are all MORE because you not only experienced this, but also shared it here. Thank you!

    Many blessings, Nancy

  3. Nancy, I love what you wrote! I just learned this concept in the last 5 years and it has made such a huge difference in my life. I had a somewhat difficult life and it seemed to me that bad things were always happening, I was bitter and angry about it. When I learned that I could choose to see it a different way, I became thankful for all those experiences, they were opportunities for me to learn. My new mantra is: I am thankful for all the experiences in my life, good and bad, for they have brought me to this moment and made me the person I am today. I am thankful for the lessons and so happy I finally GOT them!

    In Gratitude,

    Teresa Howell

  4. You know, this is so true. I’ve always felt this way myself. My husband and I talk about this often. All the crappy stuff that we went through as kids, the paths that we ended up on…good and bad…would never have (if we did things differently) have landed us up together.

    Although I look back and can see the why’s and the what for’s, still, DURING the bad experiences, I still get sad…and the ‘why me’s’. But I also (pretty quickly) can see different angles and get out of my funk. Life is good.

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    • I’m glad you watched the video, Sheila. Now when you re-read this post, it will have MUCH deeper meaning. If these people can make the choice to see their situation differently, we can do it in our lives, too!

      Many blessings,

  6. Dear Nancy, What a wonderful post. Also a very appropriate video in there.

    You are absolutely right to say that every situation in life has a blessing in disguise. Its is our view that often clouds our mind and stops us from looking at the blessings. I can absolutely relate to this for I too have faced the similar situations in life and learnt from them and come out on top. I feel if I come out 51% right in life most of the times I do very well. However, that doesn’t stop me from giving my 150% to doing anything I put my mind to.

    I believe the teachings in your post are worth being exposed to as many people as possible.

    Light and Blessings,


    Jeasy´s last blog ..Gratitude Attitude!

    • Hi, Jeasy,

      Thanks for visiting, reading the post, watching the video and commenting. So many are surprised how profoundly life-affirming that video is, so it’s worth the watch!

      I’m also happy that you have discovered the secret of blessings: They are *everywhere* you look for them and have found it makes life that much easier to be grateful for!

      OK, gotta get back to my Gratitude Dance

      Many blessings,

  7. Hi Nancy!
    I can totally relate to this concept of reframing every experience as blessing (sometimes in disguise at first). Everything that comes to us is in vibrational harmony with us so it always comes at the right time and the right place.
    In my opinion you can always trust the wisdom your own soul since I am convinced that on a soul level we made a lot of decisions about our life before coming here.

    The video is very very touching and is a prime example of how to take such a seeming ‘tradegy’ as an opportunity to love as they’ve never loved before – so beautiful!!

    The paragraph about financial trouble rang a bell with me since I find myself in some financial trouble but I also experience, that there is much help from many sides coming towards me and I see this as an opportunity to come more alive, more self-sufficient and more accepting at the same time.
    Thanks for posting!!

    • Thanks for your comments, Erik! It’s amazing how situations shift when you *choose* to see them as a blessing versus a problem! I agree that video is an amazingly powerful example of choosing.

      I look forward to reading on Good Vibe University how you shifted your attitude about your financial situation and then it morphed in response to you! 😀

      Many *blessings*,

    • Parul, I’m sure that five years plus 2 months ago I said ‘Thank you for stopping by’ on FB or GVU, but just in case…I’m saying it here. 😉

      Hope all is well with you, kiddo!

      Many blessings,

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