Getting the Help You Need: A Process for Managing Your Life

In Part II of the book, Ask and It is Given, by NY Times Best-selling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks, there is a section devoted to Abraham’s 22 processes for improving your (vibrational) point of attraction. The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn (like vibrations attract one another).

Askand It Is Given Book coverLet me also point out…there is no religious requirement in order for these techniques to work. Despite the look of the book’s cover, it does not advocate one religion over the other. Personally, I am spiritual, not religious. There are as many good attributes about the world’s religions as there are negative attributes. I choose to cut out the middlemen, but you can do what feels best for you.

I prefer not to recommend something without finding that it works and is worthwhile for others. Long before I started coaching, I read this book and started testing the processes for myself. Every single one of them work exactly as Abraham explained they would, and in most cases, much better! The rarity of every process working is a miracle in itself, but the processes are so effective that I now teach many of them to others.

One of those is Process #10: The Place Mat Process. The story behind this process is that Esther, the channel for the entities known as Abraham, was sitting in a restaurant one day feeling overwhelmed by all the items on her to-do list. In desperation, she asked, “Abraham, what should I do?”

Abraham guided her to turn over her place mat, and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, she was guided to write just the items she knew she could accomplish that day. On the right side, she was guided to write down anything she had no idea how to start/accomplish or needed help to complete. She was told the items on the left were Esther’s responsibility, and those on the right would be handled by the Universe. When I first read this, I thought, “Huh? The Universe is going to help me out?” That’s right. Help it does…the book wasn’t kidding: Ask and it IS given.

Using this place mat process for almost 18 months, I have been amazed at how many times everything on the right side is resolved within the day…while I’m still working on my list on the left!

I’m not the only one who has had that experience, either. Many of the people I coach have struggled with overwhelm and anxiety over their workload, so I teach them this process and every single one of them have told me…This is incredible! Now I use it every day…The stuff on the right is always getting done! I can’t believe how fast it works! I know…don’t ya just LOVE IT! Those that were feeling stressed found this process to be exactly what they needed to feel relief.

Don’t believe me, or the thousands of people who have read the book and found the processes work. Try it for yourself! Take a piece of paper, hold it horizontal, put a line down the middle and begin making your lists as noted above. When you first start out, the list on the right side is pretty big, but you only need to list it once…and it will be completed or become a moot point. Over time, you’ll find that list on the right gets smaller. The Universe does hear us, and answer our requests—every time. Most people don’t bother asking.

What about you? Do you complain about all that’s on your plate? If so, have you tried this process for yourself? Share your experiences in the comment area below.

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