Keys to Effective Affirmations

AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation CardsMost people hear about affirmations in a book, usually where a few generic examples are sited or recommended. They say these generic affirmations for a day or two, find them boring because they are so generic and don’t apply to their life, and eventually give up. Based on this misguided experience, some people actually conclude that affirmations don’t work, and give up on them permanently.

Effective affirmations need to be more than just positive and in the present tense. They need to evoke an emotion in you when you say them, because it’s actually the positive emotional shift in you coupled with the meaning of the words that makes affirmations so powerful!

So, how do you get affirmations to evoke a feeling in you? By connecting what you really are passionate about, what you really desire, with the words you are speaking. One of the best ways I know to do that is with the no cost eCourse I developed entitled Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations.

When you download this no-cost eCourse, you will receive a PDF file that will walk you through the process of discovering your emotional connection to your desires, and in some cases your negative blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want. I have also provided 2 audio files to inspire you further.

One student who followed the course had this to say…

“I just completed step 6 and I wanted to let you know I think this was great! Absolutely GREAT! It made me see just how many negative emotions I associate with things I want to do. I would say it was about 90%. I would have never known this information without going through your 6 step course. I want to say THANK YOU for letting me see myself. You are a godsend.”

F. O., Saratoga, CA

Try it and see what you discover from Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations. Afterward, share your experience in the comments below.

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