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In a Nutshell...

I conceived the AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation cards in 2000, and launched the AffirmingSpirit site in 2003. The site has evolved over the years from just providing cards to one that educates and serves anyone interested in growing their consciousness. After 15 years in business as a presentation designer and illustrator, I began officially providing personalized small business mentoring services and supportive tools in 2009. By 2010, I was asked to be a faculty member at an online membership site for Deliberate Creators, often voted MVP for that role. I have since completed a Verified Certificate in Positive Psychology and am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association. That's the short story. If you want to know more, go grab a cuppa and read the rest...

card designsThe Long Story

Looking back, I realize that I  started my spiritual journey relatively early in life. I was raised in Western NY state, near Lake Ontario, in a large Catholic family. As if it was yesterday, I remember sitting in religious instruction, in preparation for my first communion, feeling all warrning bells going off in my mind and body. What we were being taught, not only didn't make sense, I knew even then that it was not my truth. The more I asked questions, though, the more I was sent off to confession even though I had nothing to say to the priest! I sat in the pew, alone, saying my penance and having conversations with God. The latter was making a lot more sense than the church! What that situation did teach me, was to learn more, seek truth, and pay attention to those internal warning bells.

Within a few years of that experience, my parents both decided to leave the Catholic church. When I was 17, my father was diagnosed with Cancer and died 5 months later. I was present with him and my family when he transitioned. Although I did not yet have words for the experience, I distinctly felt his energy while he laid in pain on the hospital bed. As soon as he died, I could still feel his energy, but he felt completely free of pain. The rest of my family left the room, and I stayed with my father (his body and his energy), and it was clear he was in a better place. I felt no tears or sadness—more a sense of relief for him. As I sat there, I began to ask myself, "Is there more to life than I've been taught?"

So, following that early desire to know the truth and stumped by the experience with my father's death, I set out to read and learn as much as possible. The journey was a private one, and certainly I never thought it would play such an integral role in my life!

By the late 1980s, I was having amazing success with affirmations. People began asking me about them, and I began teaching and sharing with everyone who asked. I always felt energized by sharing.

When I started my presentation design business in 1994, I used a lot of what I had learned to get the business up and running, attract clients as well as free products and discounts, and pay off the start-up debt within the first 9 months. The first year, I had doubled my corporate income, and by year two I was earning six figures.

Meanwhile, small business owners were calling me, complaining about their businesses, and I was helping them find solutions (these days, it's called coaching and mentoring). I really enjoyed seeing others succeed ~ those who followed through with my suggestions did well, and those who didn't ended up closing their businesses.

I was also helping my presentation clients get clearer on what they really wanted (not always the same as what they were asking for). That, too, is a coaching skill. All I knew is that clients ended up happier when I made sure they understood their desired outcome.

Being an artist, I felt compelled to create my own beautiful cards for my affirmations. The cards were sobeautiful I was happy to keep them around and it made the entire experience more joyful!

One night, I woke up suddenly at 3:00am with a knowing that I needed to create these cards for the rest of the world to enjoy. The energy was so strong I could not go back to sleep. I sat up and took notes, writing down everything that was coming through to me. Understanding that generic affirmations have a limited use, I knew had to find a way to help people create their own affirmations. That's when the idea for beautiful double-sided cards—AffirmingSpirit cards—was born. It took nearly 4 years to find the right way to bring these cards to you, so it is my heartfelt intent that you find them to be both beautiful and inspiring to your daily practice!

AffirmingSpirit Starter Packs and Refills debuted in the fall of 2003, and were immediately a hit with people who understood the power of affirmations.

Still, there were many more people who had either never heard of affirmations, or who were using them ineffectively so they gave up after not seeing results. I began teaching workshops locally in 2005. That's when I realized the need for personalized mentoring, helping each person to address their desires and their blocks, so they could effectively create and use their own affirmations.

In 2008, after initiating the AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study, I realized that this intuitive-based mentoring and coaching was really my calling. The results were stunning! Every single person who has gone through coaching and mentoring has had major breakthroughs, and credit coaching with making the difference in their success. Surprisingly, for me, I enjoyed helping everyone, but I got the most kick out of working with creative small business owners who were motivated to *get it*, once and for all. (Trust me, this is the stuff they never teach—but should be teaching—in business school!) Clients found focus, revamped their sales and marketing strategies, attracted amazing clients, filled their programs, and learned how to implement their greatest assets.

By 2009, I created Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs to provide a cost-effective solutions for small business owners. At the beginning of 2010, I interviewed Jeannette Maw, the founder of Law of Attraction membership site Good Vibe University and asked to become a Faculty Member. I continue to be active in monthly calls and the forums, and have been part of the LOA Business Panel for several years now. Later that same year, I also teamed up with 6 other top experts to create the amazingly powerful program, Harnessing Your True Power: What to do BEFORE you take action!

Over the years, I have informally studied every imaginable topic related to metaphysics, law of attraction, affirmations, meditation, visualization, quantum physics, DNA, and more. In 2015, I completed a Verified Certificate in Positive Psychology with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via a class led by the world-renowned Barbara Frederickson. Positive psychology is very much in alignment with everything I've learned and what I teach others. From 2015 through 2017, I was a member of IPPA, the International Positive Psychology Association until they dropped the individual memberships.

I truly hope that this site is helpful to you in your journey, and I encourage you to explore the many pages of inspirational resources. is constantly being updated, so bookmark us and visit often to seewhat is new! I always appreciate hearing from you, and welcome heartfelt .

Thank you for your interest in AffirmingSpirit! Thank you for sharing this site with your friends.

Many blessings,

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