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About AffirmingSpirit
Affirming Spirit™ Affirmation Cards

Now you can create your own personalized affirmations, or write out your favorite quotes, on beautiful double-sided cards that are beautiful enough to display! The cards are an ample 4.25"x6", full-color on one side, and grayscale
on the reverse which allows both sides to be used.

The Starter Pack contains 10 double-sided cards, a marker, and a guide to writing affirmations.

Once you have the Starter Pack, which includes the marker, you can replace your cards or buy different designs. Refill Packs contain 25 double-sided cards. Currently, there are 3 designs offered. New designs are continually being created, so be sure to check back often!

Click the images below to view the front and back of each design
and place your secure order online.

Lotus Flower Affirmation  Card
Candlelightt Affirmation Card

Celtic Inspiration I

Lotus Flower
Celtic Inspiration

Use your own powerful affirmations...
We know every experience, and material thing starts out as a thought, and affirmation cards are the perfect tool to steer your thinking and actions in the direction of your dreams and desires. Affirmations are powerful because they work on the conscious and sub-conscious level. When you write them yourself, in your own handwriting and specific to you, they become even more powerful.

New to affirmations? We'll help you find your way! If you need more assistance, .

...your own words, your own handwriting!
Affirming Spirit
Affirmation Cards are large, double-sided cards, allowing you to write your own personal affirmations on either side, or both if you wish!! Cards are sold in Starter Packs (10 double-sided cards with guide and marker), and Refill Packs (25 cards). Your own handwriting has never been so powerful!

Display and take them with you!
Check out our accessories, including easels, fabric envelopes, and velvet beaded drawstring bags, or gain inspiration related to affirmations.

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase from Affirming Spirit™!
If you are not satisfied with your cards or accessories, return all items
(including their components) within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund.

We proudly accept PayPal for
fast, easy, and secure purchases!
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